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Will Trump's tariffs KILL cameras? Canon 90D + "Alive" photo review (Tony & Chelsea LIVE)

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  1. Good to see that this channel edits out the whole dog abuse part of being a YouTube celebrities. Well, I'm going to be affected once more by our Ahole in Chief. Like everything we do, that guy wants to ruin.

  2. Canon announced the eye control focus that hasn't been seen since EOS 3 in future cameras and making m43 lens for possible a lower end and video centricit like Panasonic hybrid video

  3. So, in response to tariffs, prices won't increase the same way oil/gas prices increase? The oil folks increase gas prices as soon as oil prices rise because they say they need more money now to pay for the increase in the price of oil.

  4. Chelsea keep your politics to yourself. Research the reason of the tariffs to China. You don’t seems to know Jack but, you were fast to give your political opinion; regardless. What’s KEH’s opinion on your politics?!

  5. So sad when both of you said that boy with buffalo photo is fake… That the true photo, the boy itself get the title Malaysian Mogwli, because of his relationship with animal… That's buffalo is also his friend, they grew up together… Its his family business and the boy is the Buffalo herdsmen…

  6. OK. A7R4/A6400 made in my country, Thailand! But most of sony lens and milcs' still beyond affordable for me except pre-owned items. Perhaps you 2 should go to visit our land soon, for proving my comment ha ha ha😂

  7. Trumps right on the tariffs it’s long overdue. The next Sony’s will probably come from Vietnam. China is Transshipping. Really made in China but origins is changed in Vietnam to bypass tariffs. Eventually manufacturing will occur in countries like Vietnam because of cost in China

  8. In Canada 'Dump' is considered a sht stain on humanity. I'll leave it to the next generation of Canadians to make up with the USA. Canada (a supposed alley) was classified as a national security risk by Dump. America first = America alone. I hope the American taxpayer is fine for paying 20 billion to the soybean farmers now that China has moved to Brazil (they wont come back either) for soybeans.

  9. Sony and Panasonic, like Samsung, make everything under the sun. If they ceased all camera production they'd continue motoring on as though cameras never existed. Nikon, Olympus, etc… not so sure.

  10. Due to an antiquated UN practice, China enjoys "third world reduced postal rates". We pay with our taxes China's reduced postal rates. That's in addition to other practices. Remember though, one of the reasons the US became a superpower was Protectionism (in the past of the steel industry), its trade routes, the dollar, and its geopolitical interests. Americans enjoy the highest real "purchasing power" because of past and present protectionist practices.

  11. Chinas economy is being illegally propped up by dirty American Dollars. China has run American econimies for the last 16 years given a free hand by self enriching corrupt government. The question you should be asking is god some people in America actually found out what was being planned and your fellow Americans need waking up. What can I do to help ? Tariffs are the least of the problems. I have researched just six American states California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, New York and Minnesota. All to the same result specifically looking for allocated funds matching proposed funding projects and Billions and millions of dollars are missing. Start there if you want to see who is crippling America and negate the average Americans economy. Oh and I am British by the way but this information can be found online.

  12. China's products have been toxic to our economy for some time, the middle class labor is the most affected. The typical Chinese laborer is paid around $3.50/hr and only after substantial damage to their environment is China making changes.

  13. Regarding the Texture vs. the Clarity filter, it seems to me that Clarity is a low frequency filter, while texture is a high frequency filter. In other words, Clarity works on large areas (like turning the unsharp mask up to a large radius) and Texture works on fine details (like using unsharp mask with a small radius.)

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