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Video of Nikon D700 Photo Shoot for Hands-on Review

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A short clip documenting the photo shoot for our Hands-on Review of the Nikon D700(http://bit.ly/Niko-D700) with the sexy model, S. Ling. Pricing Reference: …


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  1. Because its a easy quick way to learn what you camera can do. Once you see all the neat things you can do with these footnotes you then can go into it and fully learn that function that you like to use. Via Manual or video training depending on your style of learning.

  2. Do you know what it means when someone says they have a hands on review!
    playing music and no review is not a review! It's not even a visual review, no photos or close up of the camera was shown just the model posing with the camera that is in no way a review.

  3. What is the matter with you? It says it's FOR "hands-on review". FOR. FOR. FOR.

    They took sample pictures for the the review on their website and this is the behind the scenes footage.

    Also, why on earth are you looking at D700 'reviews' if you already own the darn thing.

  4. I already explained why in a previous post below.
    I read the manual but you never know if someone found a better way of doing things. you must always keep an open mind to learning you craft and equipment.
    Thats why I was disappointed with this video. It should of Stated that it was behind scene footage of a photo shoot of the D700.
    What is the website with the real review?

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