Home Photography Using CAMERA ANGLE To Tell STORY


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  1. Great tips! I shoot up the most because I shoot offroading videos and I want the vehicles to look bigger and stronger. What do you recommend for shooting on uneven terrain like shooting a jeep going up a trail? Check out my last couple videos let me know what you think. Thanks for the help

  2. Your and Peter Mckinnon's channels are one of the best channels to make my footage even better, atleast in my opinion both of you make me think and realise and i am missing so much stuff 😀

  3. Thanks again so much for making these videos! Helped out my channel and the whole community so much! Would love to get some feedback for my channel if anyone has a free moment. Thanks everyone!

  4. Im having a tough time deciding on if I should get the A7S II or the GH5. I use alot of Continues Auto Focus, and with the recent auto focus issues with the GH5; its got me tossing and turning between the two.
    Given that you are currently using the GH5, what is your experience with the auto focus and if there are any issues with the 5 axis stabilization (because there were also issues with that when walking forwards, and how it would create a swaying motion.)

    I also really like full frame sensors, but going to a GH5 wouldn't be too much of a change for me as I currently use the a6000.
    What has your experience with the A7S II been like aswell.

    Thanks so much for any feedback!

  5. I dunno if you'll see my comment on the other video but I dropped the vlog from the day you shot the rollerblader near underpass! You got a sick channel man, really glad I met you that day. Turns out I watched your gh5 review video a couple weeks before we met. Trippy as f*ck to know that was the same gh5 you were using that day

  6. I have always thought that you look a little finish, but never thought that would be the case because of your great english, that's not typical for a finn. Great channel! love the tips

  7. Norweigan film maker from Andyax's YT channel, Eskild Fors died suddenly, following an acute depression 🙁 he was so good at telling things and inspiring people like you guys. Maybe, you can do some tribute for him.

  8. I once came face to face with the President of Kazakhstan – in London's Natural History Museum of all places . I'd have found it really difficult to get a low angle on this guy, he was small – I mean Danny de Vito small plus the fact he had five 6 1/2 footers in eighties tracksuits with earpieces and shooters protecting his low flying ass. Just a point. Still searching for that feel. Love the channel.

  9. I love this guys videos but I gotta say you got a huge bobble head issue syndrome bro. Cant help but relate to the sketch Russell Peters did about 10 years back about this French Canadian stereotype. Anyway it doesn't bother me too much just keep doing what you do man thanks for putting the effort in to do these videos.

  10. Wow recently discovered your channel & I am really enjoying your videos!! They are really helping me out and are super helpful to learn more about film making… Thanks a million.

  11. Some nice insight there and you make really good videos with great camera angles. And I agree that camera angles affect perspective of the viewer, but I don't really think that it decreases the value of the character because of camera angle, I think the camera angles decide which part of the story you want the viewer to focus on. Thoughts?

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