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  1. Tony, what is your technique for transferring images to your phone or iPad? Do you rely on the Camera's Wifi? Also, If you have 128GB worth of photos on your camera, I'm not sure about you, but my phone or tablet doesn't have that much space available. Are you relying on Adobe cloud storage in those instances?

  2. definitively go for LiPo (lithium-polymer) power banks instead of Li-ion (lithium-ion). LiPo is lighter, have better power density and its safer (remember these fires with lion powered phones).

  3. We always travel with a power strip that also has usb ports as well as a power converter to plug into while driving. Those two things take care of all our power needs traveling internationally for months at a time.Very good and informative video, thanks.

  4. Hi, have looked up these universal adaptors with USB on t'internet, there seems to be some issue that USA hotels now use three pin plugs and these adaptors only having two pins (no earth) do not fit. Would be grateful if peeps with knowledge of American sockets & hotels could advise, before I part with my hard earned money. Thanks  :o)

  5. Tony, for anything USB & fast, portable battery chargers, check out Anker.com … these charge my stuff soooooooo fast. They're built well & are reliable. Just be sure to get the new stuff not the old.

  6. Tony, I appreciate the fact that your videos are organized and informative. The video graphics are top-notch. And your tone is usually serious (some bloggers use bad humor and sarcasm which don't work well in an educational setting). Thank you, and keep up the great work.

  7. I just bought that same Neewer charger for the en el15 battery and it seems faulty. The blue light (indicating it is charging) sometimes won't come on, or it mainly flashes, but at different and sporadic intervals, rather than the light staying on. I placed the battery in making sure it's tight but it didn't solve it. Tried on a few different batteries too. Anyone else had troubles with this charger??

  8. Hey Tony,
    I currently own a Canon T5i but I often like to post to social media, so I'm thinking about upgrading to the T6i because of the WiFi feature. I'm only going to upgrade the body but since the batteries are different I am going to have to buy batteries and a charger. I don't want to buy OEM batteries for it because they're so EXPENSIVE! I'd love to hear your thoughts on non-OEM batteries. Thanks!

  9. New Fuji xt2 user, way in over my head with this camera but Im trying. Lugging stuff around takes the pleasure out of the whole experience , so this video was very helpful. Thank you for supplying detailed, practically info and links as well. Fantastic.  Love the pace to, not too fast, clear speech and the camera stays on you…didnt flash to some ceiling or other even once:)
    I'm hooked

  10. hey I'm thinking of getting a 1A output USB charger , however 2.4A is going to charge much faster but will it limit the longevity and life span of your camera battery ? thanks

  11. Tony, I respect your opinion probably more than any other's on You Tube but every once in a while, I have to trip you up on something. I'm an electrical technician and an Electrical Engineer. My father was a Physics teacher and taught me some tips on teaching. The biggest tip he gave me was that when you are trying to teach someone something you must teach on the assumption that your student doesn't know anything at all.Never assume that he/she understands your finer points. So, when you are speaking of amperage from your charger, in this case a USB charger don't assume that he knows that when you say divide the total amperage by how many outputs you have and that will give you the output per unit. You and I understand this but the student? Not necessarily…so to help him out, do the calc, simply say so if you have 4 outputs and the nameplate shows a total of 6 amps…then divide the 6 by 4 and you get 1.5 amps total for each outlet. Sounds simple right? Yes, to you and me…but if you want to get your message across to the people that really need it, try the extra little bit. 'mother thing. You mentioned it's better to get a charger with more amperage like 2 amps per output instead of 1, or whatever values you used. Well, more is not always better, and in this case you are actually harming the life of Lithium and other batteries by pumping higher amperage into them. A slow charge is always better than a fast charge and a fast charge heats up the batteries and heat and batteries don't mix. Otherwise, keep up the great info you mete out.

  12. -A big tip for everyone, especially you tony, Get a Volta (or other magnetic cable). 1 cable for all your devices. It converts all Micro USB, USB C and Lightning to same magnetic cable.
    -Also an international charger i recommend is the Mu (need to get the international model with swap able-heads for travel) It only does not have new zeland/australia compare to the one you showed.
    -Also Mu charger does not convert to AC but they make 45W USB C one for lower power laptops that can use type C charging (you can combine it with Volta XL cable)

  13. Sorry if I've already commented, but this simple advise has revolutionised how I travel. All my travel tech is now USB charged, with battery pack & solar panel backup. Thanks so much!

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