Home Entertainment Top 10 Celebrities Blacklisted From Hollywood – Part 2

Top 10 Celebrities Blacklisted From Hollywood – Part 2

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  1. Don't These People Know The Meaning Of Team Player, Yes, Freedom Of Speech Is Welcome BUT There Are Always LIMIT In This Life .. These People Aged BUT Yet To Grow-Up, What A Shame !

  2. Since when did Satanist shows of demons,Murder,Sex,UnGodly Everything. What Kind of evil mind created the shows,or the monsters,you have got to be Demonic to come up with this trash from Hell.Hurting Children shows and I could say more but God will take care of this evil.TEL-A–VISION I PRAY FOR YOUR SOULS, GOD HELP YOU. JESUS DIED For US ALL AMEN

  3. Martin Lawrence has gone on to make numerous successful amounts of movies way after the year 1994. Too many to even name. Your SNL mention is ridiculous. 🙄😴

  4. I'm pretty sure the celebrities have great there and it pains even if most of the animal world population of Hollywood disagrees and another thing Mel Gibson's marital status has his own business

  5. I meant to say in my last post that they celebrities have right to their opinions even if they're more conservative than people would prefer and also I just needed the ad that Mel Gibson's marital status is his own business not yours his business so deal with it you wouldn't want people getting in your business

  6. Oh Rosanne why’d you have to do that?
    I love you and miss you the show’s not the same without you
    Kirk Cameron I miss you too oh why do you have to think like that
    Brendan fraiser I still love you and miss you
    I will always love you Mel Gibson.

  7. Hollywood has all kinds of double standards. Some people there get away with stuff and others don't. Who cares? They're mostly phonies,anyway. Too many of that crowd forget that it was the fans that put them there.

  8. Mzrtinn Lawerence is just another arrogant black who believes that he is the ultimate gift to comedy TV, He would be better off if he removed himself to Watts where he belongd. He is just another overated black person who thinks that he is funny. He is an IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Enjoy the presentations, for the most part. But have to ask: what's the point of showing the celebrities under discussion if you're going to stand in front of their faces? Stand off to the side so your audience can see the person you're talking about.

  10. This woman narrating is a hypocrite. She says the reaction to the Dixie Chicks was a bit much because everyone has an opinion,but then complains that Stacey Dash couldn't keep her opinions to herself.

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