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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Your Dream Camera/Lens Setup, Stop It! Live, Instant Photo Reviews!

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  1. Hot dang. I always miss the live show because I'm usually running around hunting haggis at that time, but watching right now after the fact….the audio is…I don't even know how many minutes out of sync. Is that just me?

    Edit. Scratch that. Seems fine now. Maybe I need more sleep…

  2. Can anybody suggest the best choice for spending $1000 US dollars for a camera ? Now this can be a bridge camera like the RX10 or the FZ1000. Or a mirrors less camera. Or a good DSLR with a decent less but not surpassing those 1000 bucks! Thanks for the help if u decide to comment back.

  3. Thanks for your comments on my puffin shot. I am really happy you liked it!  Cropping is always better!  It was taken from a moving boat off the Farne Islands which are on the East coast of England.  A well known location for puffins, terns, guillimots and Seals.

  4. Have to ask you guys, my dream gear would be a Fuji X-Pro II and a Zeiss Touit 55mm f/1.4, a mini-Otus but with AF for portraits with the same look as the other lenses in the line. Can I have your opinion on such a fictitious setup?

  5. Tony, would like to hear your thoughts on a sponsored or, non-sponsored 'give-a-way' type 2 or 3 day shoot in your location for say… Nature, bird photography and long glass this coming fall. It would be an interesting experiment to see how/if someone''s work and workflow would improve etc… after time spent with you. I think your area is good for migration.. What are your thoughts?

  6. Very good show but you definitely need tally in your studio cameras. I suggest "Black Magic studio camera" which have built-in tally, talk-back and fit with your ATEM switcher (for live color correction and remote control).

  7. Hi Mr. Northrup I am a student in film school learning cinematography and i am trying to make my profession out of it. I wanna buy a tripod i saw your video in you tube choosing a tripod. I wanna buy a tripod which i wanna put my 5D mark 3 on it and shoot videos. I will mostly shoot videos and rarely use it for photos. Please suggest me the legs, leveller, head and add in still head 
    Please do reply. Thank you.

  8. Hehe, Hasselblad 200 megapixel.  I think you'd take about 10 pictures with it, then you'd be sitting there waiting for 2 hours for the 10 gigabytes of pictures to transfer to your computer, another half-hour to open up in Lightroom, another half- hour to open in Photoshop and you'd be like "screw this, I'm going back to my Canon/Nikon".  😀

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