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Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Lightroom Tips & Tools, new bag, instant photo & portfolio reviews

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  1. Tony, Chelsea,
    Great show as always.
    Re Apple 5k Monitor, just to clarify it's actually the 27" iMac now thats been updated with 5k res, the 21" stays as before. There is so far no update to the Apple monitor only line up.
    PS Agree Chelsea should wear a Fro wig for Halloween show lol.

  2. You are NOT ruining humanity! You are making this amateur (with a big A) photograph better every time I see one of your videos! 🙂

    Keep it up!! I will def. look at your books soon.

  3. My question doesn't pertain tot he video. Right now I currently own a Nikon D7100 with a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8. I was wondering is it ok to go with a 70-200mm f/2.8. Sigma stopped making a 50-150mm f/2.8, but I could maybe get a used one. Is it ok to have a 20mm gap on focal length.  It would be used for a weddings and outdoor portraits.
    Edit: I know with a full frame most go 14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm. That's a little hard to do with a crop sensor.

  4. money running dry for Pros –  so books and video and training etc is needed to feed Pros –   cameras getting better and with better gear folks think they do not need to pay Pros anymore –   so there is still money in fashion and news and celebrity etc photography –  I think folks are missing out as a good Pro with good lighting gear will still produce better images/portraits – and there is a greater chance those images will land on a wall –   and the other thing – to many images on social media and hard drives and less in paper on walls –

  5. Back in 2002 I had Photoshop with hundreds of plug-ins, After Effects, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Go-live, 3D studio max, Lightwave, Maya, dozens of sound programs and much more, but after spending a small fortune on sofeware my $10,000 workstation caught a virus that wrote itself to the bios and destroyed it so I had to get a job and never had time to use them again, now they are outdated and I can't afford to spend that kind of cash on software again. 

  6. I hope i age as gracefully as the both of you! not only do you look considerably younger than you say(honestly was wondering if Tony dyed his hair that way)! But even further you two are so alive and seem to relish life. In summary, you've discovered the fountain of youth.

  7. That Domke looks like the Next Generation line. I have one and like it very much.  As you probably know, Domke was named after the creator of the bags, photojournalist Jim Domke who was a photographer during the 70's.

  8. In Lightroom…   Shift + Double Click the sliders from Exposure down to Blacks and they will auto-adjust. Not sure if you guys know this. Quick way to edit an image to get it out on the web quickly.

  9. hi guys, your house is amazing i never knew you had a studio in there awesome , i wanted to order bluray dvd as i live in the uk will it work on my device and how long will it take to deliver. cheers

  10. Thats not just a monitor Tony. Thats a 5K Display with a full computer in the back. Its awesome for lightroom as the SSD (hard drive for you foggies), if super fast, so you can open RAW in msec.
    Just sayin.

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