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TIME IS MONEY! Can this REALLY help you as a CREATOR?!

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BEAST mach speed super computer! Learn more about NVIDIA Studio: https://nvda.ws/38AaA8K Razer Blade Studio laptops: https://www.razer.com/studio …


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  1. $4000, LOL compare what you can get in a desktop for that price. It is laughable. Yes Razer makes nice gear but their price is out of line with what is really available and besides who shoots 8K? Honestly just about no one unless you are Michael Bay, or the equivalent. You can't play it back on anything with any kind of reasonable price, and anyone that uses YouTube to showcase their work is a laughable noob anyway. The horrid codecs that YT uses ruins any video.

    Yes the laptop is nice on the road, but maybe you should plan better so that you don't have to crunch that video out in the hour layover you have between flights. That shows a lack of proper planning and piss poor time management.

    Oh and for the "experts" out there, 8K at the true pro level is laughable since they have been shooting 12K and greater for years!

  2. I'm literally so discouraged. I have been trying to edit 4k video for a client on my Macbook Pro for the past two weeks and the lag and choppiness takes HOURS to sort through. I cannot afford a $4,000 laptop. I understand it's a great investment but what about the people that can't afford that at this time? Is there ANY WAY/ ANY DEVICE that regular people can afford to grow in their craft? Proxies are still choppy for me.

  3. I can't even fathom 4 or 8k video, but on my laptop with 4gb of ram, integrated video card and emmc harddrive, when I learned that I could edit in 1/4 resolution it knocked me off my chair. My computer still smokes with full HD in Davinici Resolve, but it's possible to use.

  4. This is the 3rd video I’ve watched of a big YouTuber talking about this laptop but not bringing up the major downside. As powerful as these specs are the OLED panel is still flawed. The color is not accurate at any brightness. From 90% to the lowest setting the color severely shifts and no longer becomes color accurate for content creation. Not only is this a problem but the possibility of burn in. If you are using a external monitor great, but at that price point the panel is not reliable for content creators who rely on color accuracy.

  5. Search this laptop on YT… See how many tubers got bought by Nvidia this release. Not saying it is not a bad laptop…. But not sure there was any actual real testing done other than just reading the notes that Nvidia sent in the box. Not the PM I subbed to watch. 🙁 Leave the best video editing PC stuff to max tech or LTT. Stick to creating art Pete!

  6. I just bought this laptop! And just now saw this review on it. Whats interesting about this whole going from editing on a mac to a pc is the story behind why Nvidia doesn't have anything compatible with mac. Apparently mac and nvidia have had some beef in the past which is why mac only supports AMD which is really sad cause if they actually collaborated, they could create something amazing. I got this because I want to do 3D modeling. Been editing on a mac for ages, however I cant do what i want because I need that extra boost you get with Nvidia. Come to find out, Macs are almost non existent in VFX editing due to this.

  7. You are the 5%, we are the 95%. Do the math. None of us can justify paying this much for a laptop, we have mortgages and car payments to make, and have to buy groceries too. This is a pipe dream for most of us.

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