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The Holga – Cult Camera?

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In this video we take a look at one of the cameras that Hong Kong is famous for producing (if not the only one). Kai tries to figure out what has made this camera …


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  1. My oh my I really enjoyed this video!
    That photo you got of the two people sitting in yellow raincoats under the rainbow umbrella as a double exposure was magnificent I love it!

  2. OMG…what the heck would I do with a camera that couldn't do auto-everything, super-zoom, and shoot video? It can't take thousands of shots, work like a telescope, or auto-focus down to 10mm …It would be like…err, like the old days. How depressing is that?

  3. well just tape it up all over especially that back if you care at all but half the fun of these cameras is to see by chance what happens, I use all expired film in a little Holga 135mm plastic camera, some come out decent and cool others just really bad ! what's interesting tho is how deliberate I shoot with a film camera and this gives more of an appreciation for the art of film, well in my panache anyway ! Peace I like your videos good stuff , thank you !

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