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The data behind Hollywood's sexism | Stacy Smith

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Where are all the women and girls in film? Social scientist Stacy Smith analyzes how the media underrepresents and portrays women — and the potentially …


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  1. Why does it matter what gender/race/etc should be in a certain role? If an actor/actress is perfect for that role, why should the producer settle for a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th option just to please this 'sexism'?

  2. This video is spectacular and extremely important.
    I'm baffled at the comments and like ratio. This is not a controversial subject. It's not even presented in a controversial way. Like YES let's get more representation in the industry. Even if you don't care about the issue the result is more and better movies.

  3. My word!!!. How could this be happening?!? You bunch of disgusting pigs?!? Who in the world do you think you are. Stop it now! It will because you have ALL been exposed!!! Any of you that have been accused and don’t admit are

  4. Dame Judy Dench (M in Bond), Wonder Woman, Queen of Katwe (directed by Mira Nair about life of Phiona Mutesi, a Ugandan girl candidate victories at World Chess Olympiads), Dora (the explorer)…which other female roles in media can you think of that offer a positive female image? YES, let's see more!

  5. How can a movie in time, or set in a different country actually work? Harry Potter gets burned because the lack of diversity but Great Britten is 80% White, and it was made by an American film studio. Who's diversity should be followed England or America? Red Sparrow is set in Russia which in that part of Russia is 95% white…it would be disingenuous to force different races on screen when in actuality there shouldn't be any. Movie about military conflict too would be hard to be inclusive since it also isn't exactly the most gender diverse place.

  6. 4.2K dislikes to 1.2K says it all.

    This woman should be put in a mental institution. I really hope this infectious madness that has affected such a large section of the female population is cured soon. I really don't think I can bear to live in a world that tolerates this stupidity.

    Mathematically, socially, and morally, this is just so wrong, I can't believe that she was even allowed on the stage.

  7. There's no proof of sexist barriers that prevent women from entering the film industry, they just don't happen to be as prevalent as men. No-one's asking why there isn't more women in mining and infrastructure work, or why there isn't more men in teaching and childcare jobs. "There isn't enough of [x group] in [y workforce]" can be applied to any industry, and to chalk it up to sexism is downright ignorant and shallow-minded

  8. it's more of a genre issue than a gender issue.
    if you had focussed on female characters based on the movie genre I could take this almost seriously.

  9. Statistics – the primary weapon of choice for gender-studies, man-haters. She says we need to post our feelings on social media about this issue….um, doesn't the like/dislike ratio and the comments below speak volumes to her.

  10. Most of the discrimination is not by race or color, but by class.
    Most filmmakers, writer and actors belongs to the upper middle-class.
    They don’t represent us, the audience, whatever gender or skin color they have.

    Stacy L. Smith is a professor, so she is blind to the class discrimination of the movie industry that consist of people like her. Projecting their values on to us. To her own over-representation she is blind. As blind as only an ”intellectual” can be.

  11. These "TED Talks" are just getting dumber and dumber. I can't take them serious anymore. Over those 100 movies, what were the genres? That's an important bit of information. The type of movie has alot to do with who is cast in the role..

  12. I'm Naomi I'm a transwoman and this talk is 3 years old and it seems like every time they put a strong woman in the lead on tv and movies people complained about it and that is discouraging to them from doing it take my favorite tv show doctor who it took them 54 years to get a woman doctor and now people are complaining about it and there is rumours that they are going to change the doctor back to a man and never change the doctor back to a woman I think we are losing the war I like doctor who and Supergirl and power rangers and even in power rangers there is no female red ranger not in the lead of the show and I don't know what to do I think we are losing and I want to see more female lead and more positive LGBT representation would be great too I think tv and movies are trying to put more women in the lead but too many people are complaining about it and even other women and I don't think they are going to be willing to put a woman in the lead if other people complain about it so what do we do

  13. Using data to discuss a topic can be dangerous if not applied correctly. Correlation does not imply causation. Being practical, are all the movies you personally enjoyed, qualify by the criteria you set forth? I agree in inclusion, but this approach is what you are fighting against.

  14. I Hate all the Psyop that United States are doing with this Gender Wars and Cultural Marxism,USA passed years till defeat soviet union,To plant after that this Horrible,Stupid,Form of "Upper Class"Socialism sponsored by the infamous" Democratic"thats why we hate America,All Beheavioral Bullshit is Toxic from this country,to the rest of the world…We will stop this Psychological Warfare promoted by Us Media…

  15. Lmao just because ladies arent getting offered roles like some men doesnt mean its sexist most films are usually violent and warlike films that are action movies as well. Not to sound really sexist but the majority of violent realities are usually male driven and theyre usually always in the frontline of war or physical conflicts in most cases around the world. Not hard to realize what's happening if you understand thr biologically of humans

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