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THE ARTIST – Canon EOS R5 Debut

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Pre-order the Canon EOS R5 today in Canada https://canon.ca/en/Features/EOS-R-System/Pre-order and in the US https://canon.us/plvmm Lightroom PRESET …


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  1. Hey Peter, I am a big fan of you. If you are living in London can I come and work as a volunteer with you for 1 day. It could be a great experience for me. 💙

  2. You excellent Bruh, I am in Namibia Africa. I learnt a lot from you and started taking better footage for my Instagram @diegotjingee84 .. I own a courier company, so I combine the two 🎥😎 thanks dude

  3. So cliche… Despite I watched all. it is insufferable to watch beyond the second 24. "The Artist" preceded by several random and arbitrary images. Script full of emotional message for the trendy young generation, despite the good quality of the shots, very unrelated with each other and also with the speach. When I watch this and then "Moonwalk: A Sony Alpha Film | Sony a7S III" it becomes so clear who Canon is turning for, and also clear why was named "Alpha"

  4. The beauty of Art and it's practitioners is not only in the art object itself, but in the craft required to produce it, the dedication, vision and passion of the Artist to that craft,

  5. This video it´s fuc** awesome man, I´ve preorder eos R6 and I cant wait to start creating. Congrats from Spain to this video it´s my favorite of all yours! 📷💥

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