Home Photography The Analog Experience: Vintage Nikon Lenses on a Fuji X-T3

The Analog Experience: Vintage Nikon Lenses on a Fuji X-T3

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Sometimes we focus too much on image quality and not enough on the photographic experience. I’ve found a camera and lens setup that’s easy to travel with, …


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  1. Film fun for the joy of it, Leica M4 35mm Sumicron. Digital was Fuji x100, Now for fun seems to be the Galaxy note 9. The medium does not matter so much as the eye taking the photo.
    That aside, I have old glass from Nikon 20mm f/3.5 NIKKOR-UD Auto, being my favorite…. I would like to get the speed booster though….

  2. The feel! I relate so much to that. I use an Olympus OM-D EM10 myself and even though I would like to upgrade to a Sony A7 or something for the image quality, that camera looks and feels more like a tool to me rather than something I would actually like to use.
    I do love the retro styling on the Fuji's though but I can't live without IBIS anymore, hopefully they'll include it in more cameras in the future (X-Pro 3 I hope).

  3. Nothing beats a slide–first gen, real raw, light shines thru, not reflected off paper. So my Canon EOS with older lenses/Fuji velvia. Extra work/cost to develop/digitize, can't preview. Fun when it comes out though. Need to do a head to head comparo–screen v. slide, print v. print, but only the best monitor can show all those megapixels.

  4. A7RII + Fotodiox Pronto + Rokkor 50mm f1.2
    Just because really dislike MF with the 1.2

    With the Takumar 50/1.4, Nikkor 135mm/2.8, Helios 44-7 58mm/2 i can get away with MF quite good.

  5. I enjoy using the Olympus PEN-F and the Olympus 35mm f/1.8 (which makes for a very small and light package, and the lens has excellent manual control with a ring to click in and out of manual focus and a DoF scale). The camera has excellent black and white settings and is quite customizable so I can just enjoy the experience of photography.

    I also have some vintage glass which I’ll adapt and use on my Olympus E-M1 II or Sony A7R III. I use my Helios 44-2 and some Vivitar or OM lenses. The character of lenses like the 44-2 is a delight, but some of the others are incredible to operate manually.

    I spend plenty of time using modern lenses and all the modern features these cameras offer, but the manual experience and vintage glass is endlessly enjoyable and anything I’ve learned doing it has only made me a better photographer.

  6. I always care about the image quality as well the experience and inspiration of photography. I love shooting with Nikkor lenses on my Nikon F’s, F2,F3 and F100. Full frame, Real Black and White or color. I sometimes adapt my manual lenses to my Sony.

  7. I realize the overall point you were trying to make but you actually implied that the Fuji X-T3 didn't have great image quality. It's not a toy camera. The Fuji image quality is incredible. Ask any of the professional photographers using them. I still use my X-T2's for Weddings and Portraits and I don't miss my full frame 5d ii one bit. With that said, I throw on my old Minolta MD lenses now and then and it is a great flashback to to my first camera in 1979 (Minolta SRT 202). I still have it too.

  8. Thank you so much Tony, this is a great idea. I already own Fuji cameras as I love the actual process of taking photos with the Fuji controls and menu layout. In the days of film I used to have a Nikkormat with manual focus lenses.
    I couldn’t find the Kipon speedbooster here in UK so have ordered the Metabones alternative albeit at a much higher price.
    I’ll be buying some Nikon lenses in London. Thanks for the tip re the 105mm for portraits. Please continue with your fully factual videos they’re invaluable to us outside the photo industry. Can I ask was there a particular reason you opted for the 28mm over the 24mm 2.8? Is it a better quality lens or something?

  9. Do you think that the X-T3 could be used for professional work? We love the Fujifilm X Trans cameras. They’re fun to use, produce great images (as far as we can tell), but I’m unsure about using them professionally.

  10. I've been doing a similar thing!

    Fuji X-T1 + Zhong-Yi speedbooster paired with a classic Nikkor-H 50mm 2 and Nikkor-P 105mm 2.5.

    It's definitely my fun bring-along camera when I want to sit back and enjoy the process.

  11. I own a Panasonic GX1 (mft). I'm thinking of upgrading to a GX85 or something on that range. That and some vintage yashica glass (adapted to EOS) with or without speedbooster (or a plain adapter otherwise). That's usually the setup, I own some other vintage lenses but I find the yashicas and minoltas the more enjoyable ones.

  12. I am currently using an old 4 mega pixel olympus, the e-10. Made in 2000. It's 98% enjoyment, 2% about the images Lol. The images are hit and miss. Was very surprised the other day when I printed a photo from this camera and it was sharper printed (at the best settings) than the computer screen.. I showed the camera to a professional photographer who was very amused BUT as I said it's fun to use….. 🙂 The manual is about 230 pages.

  13. My photographic experience combines image quality with a lot of manual process. I use a Sigma SD Quattro with Sigma Art lenses in Super Fine Detail mode – which almost always gives me a 'wow!' experience. That said, it's a camera and combo for about 2% of the shooting public (I do mostly landscapes with it) – pretty poor at most everything else (including no video at all). And I wanted to use vintage medium-format lenses with it, but there's a variable amount of green cast to the photos. I picked up a cheap used Pentax K-5 (many of the medium-format adapters were to Pentax K-mount) and … no green cast. So it's apparently something to do with the Foveon sensor. It's all an adventure, and I'm probably heading towards a Pentax K-1 for everything else. But there's just something about the medium-format sort of workflow with the Sigma … and the images!

  14. I'm looking to move from Sony to Fugi and I've been looking for E mount len adapters to X mount for this camera and I noticed there's none? Can someone let me know if there are or if later they will be coming out with adapters? Thanks

  15. When my Olympus OM 2 mechanicaly died I bought a Sony A7 and a OM-NEX adapter. I use my Zuiko lenses on MY ILCE-7 and shoot like I have a digitized full frame OM 2.
    With the focus peaking it is great to work with and my Zuiko primes are better then the kit 28-70mm. Sony auto focus lens. And with my photo work I do"nt miss autofocus.
    AND ………. it does not cost a lot of money on lenses!!!!

  16. Great to see you use adapted lenses as they can be an amazing value and can perform miles better than modern lenses in some aspects (some modern lenses are overcorrected, sharp but flat). Not a fan of using a speedbooster though.

  17. quality = sharpness and flattened images to reduce chromatic aberration? Unclear. Low element primes, and specifically for black and white photography have virtues modern lenses do not.

  18. I recently reduced, my travel kit to a 6D , 16 mm wide angle , and a 24 -105 f4L , only to have the ribbon cable fail in the zoom early in an overseas trip . My "all purpose" lens was now a manual focus ,fixed f4 aperture zoom (after blanking off the lens contacts with electrical tape). I was forced to think outside the box , I used my ultra wide lens in situations that I would normally not , and had to give more thought to composition . The fixed f4 aperture made me much more conscious of DOF and focus points in the scene . By the end of the trip I had captured images that i would never had done if my gear had not shat itself , and had more fun and felt more engaged doing so.

  19. I've got several vintage Nikon lenses, which give perfect results with my Nikon F2. I've also tried them on the Fuji like Tony demonstrates. It is simply not worth your time, even if they would give you the adapter for free (which they don't). The results are simply rubbish. They aren't in any way "artistic" or otherwise exceptional – only bad. — Now if you want something more interesting, try adapting an old Leica screw mount lens (mine is 35mm and from 1938) on a Fuji. At least you get a sort of dreamy look because the colors are very pale (lens not made with color in mind). But also then you probably won't want to waste your precious days off on stuff like this.

  20. i just picked up a used d610 as my first real digital, and I can't stop buying old nikon lenses. no crop. MF and AF. maybe someday ill buy an af-s lens, but for now, just take my money ebay and keh.

  21. Interesting way to end the video. I'd say mine is when I pull my old SLR film body out. The act of seeing your developed negatives for the first time is an almost overwhelming experience (at least for myself).

  22. where's the full review tone… i can't take it anymore! please, i'm begging you now?! 😭📷

    all joking aside, i'm using a very similar setup with smc-pentax k-series primes, can't say enough good things about the fuji vintage combo… dslr people are missing out. it's like having a film photolab in your hands!

  23. I’ve been shooting on an A7iii but just picked up a Fuji X-T3 before going on vacation with my family. Shooting on it is just…fun. It makes me want to shoot more and the colors are stunning. I’m leaning toward switching.

  24. In response to your question Tony? Easy.
    Having been a Canon DSLR user for may years I bought a new Fuji X-T2 with 18-55mm "kit" lens. After a few weeks I was trawling the used online market (yes, the Fuji "GAS" well and truly had me) and I happened upon a used X-E1.
    I was impressed! It's lower res sensor was actually very good and the user experience was very engaging, But when I added a used 27mm f/2.8 pancake lens I was smitten! As a grab and go system it's light, small and easy to use and has an excellent electronic v/f. The X-T2 outperforms the X-E1 in every way. Of course, it's from a different generation entirely. And the amazing T2 vf really spoils me. It's my "go to" camera for serious work. But for the shear joy of taking snaps, the E1/27mm is so unobtrusive, so pocketable that I literally always have it with me. It goes to and from work with me and I love it.

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