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Teleconverters: Is the extra reach worth the penalties?

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Teleconverters (also known as tele-extenders) can give you extra reach, turning your 300mm lens into a 420mm or 600mm lens… but with serious penalties to …


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  1. Tony –  Another great review.  You put a lot of thought into your videos and the insights that you offer have made a difference in my photography.  Since I'm shooting with a Fuji APS-sensored camera, I'll take your advice and refrain from buying a teleconverter.  You saved me $450!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Hi Tony, I'm not sure I understood. In an APS-C would still bring the subject closer right? If one is taking pictures with an APS-C camera in broad daylight, would noise still be an issue? And how much of that noise could be corrected by postprocessing in Lightroom?

  3. Why is autofocus dependent on aperture? Doesn't autofocus always happen while the lens is still wide open? (Autofocus is engaged before aperture closes, isn't it? … I see it focusing while half-pressing the shutter button, and at this point the lens is wide open, right?) … How does aperture play a roll?

  4. Thank you for this helpful video Tony! I have the Canon 80d and the Canon 100-400mm mark ii. I know the crop sensor gives me more zoom but I still want more. Would you recommended the 1.4x teleconverter?

  5. Hey Tony! I am thinking about buying a Tamron 70-200 g2 to use both on people and for wildlife. I have an APS-C body (Nikon d3300). Do you think 300mm is enought for wildlife?

  6. I just got a teleconverter for my Nikon p900. I can't figure out how to focus it. I tried the moon tonight and it has a huge reddish orange glow around the whole thing. Any advice?

  7. I just watched the Arthur Morris video on teleconverters and he was getting great images (but he is one of the best in the world). He was using high end cameras and lenses though. His point was most poor images when using teleconverters was lack of technique plus too slow shutter speed. However he was using fast lenses so was able to increase shutter speed without increasing ISO too far. It seems lens and camera quality also makes a massive difference when using teleconverters, which supports Tony's points, plus things have moved on since 2015.

  8. Tony u confuse me. In another video you used a big lens with a teleconverter and an apsc body. It's a video with Chelsea and some other award wining guy who said he has always used crop censored camera. Now you say NEVER use apsc with teleconverter 😨😨😨

  9. sir please help me, i have a Canon 80D Body and a Sigma 150mm-600mm Sports type New Version. and then i have the tele Converter APO 2X DG Sigma the old model , is it compatible with my lens Sports type New version?

  10. I use converters with crop sensor cameras all the time for astrophotos. I can definitely see more details with the converter. To be clear, if I were to take an image with the same lens with and without the converter, the image with the converter will be softer. However for astrophotos, time becomes more important. For example if I use a 200mm F2.8 lens + 1.6 crop sensor + 1.4 converter, I get 448mm @F4. If I use a 300mm lens + 1.6 crop sensor and no converter, I get 480mm @ F5.6. I would have to track and expose for twice as long @F5.6 as I would @ F4. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that if you are comparing images from the same lens, the converter loses out. But if you are considering using a converter to boost an existing lens vs buying a longer lens, the converter starts to look pretty sweet to me.

  11. Well I agree with everything you said on using a 1.4x Extender on a Canon 7D Mark II with the Canon 400mm F5.6 at f/8 with a single AF point. Now try testing the Canon 1.4x Extender III on the Canon 80D with the Canon 100-400mm II at f/8 with 27 AF points at 896mm.
    I shoot all the time BIF at f/10 and shutter speeds of 1/2000 to 1/3200, depending on the light.
    Outstanding tracking, image quality, and sharpness.
    Dropping down from 27 AF points to the center 9 AF points, helps to narrow your focus, when tracking BIF.
    With flexibility to zoom back to 140mm for closer subjects.
    Add a monopod for easy of handling, when not shooting BIF.
    An excellent combination!

  12. I've owned several teleconverters over the years, the Nikkor 1.4x, 1.7x and 2x and I can honestly say they're not worth it. The loss in quality (personally for me) isn't justifiable for the gain in reach. You are better off using a higher megapixel body e.g. a D850 or just getting a longer focal length.

  13. I had a Nikon Coolpix L340 with 28X focal length; I have recently acquired a Nikon D3400 with a 70-300 mm lens and sadly get no closer than I did with the Nikon Coolpix L340; in fact the Nikon Coolpix L340 gets closer than does the 70 – 300 mm lens. Colour me disappointed!

  14. You make it seem like these are just useless and that you can't take great photos or video with these things because you lose some of the functionality that we are accustomed to. At least that's my perception after watching this. You can still take really good looking photos (and video) using f/8 or lower and manually focusing. Yep, you lose some opportunity for shots in low light or when you would use auto focus on a quickly moving subject. But for many that's such a fraction of the potential shots that they would actually take. You will have to raise your ISO with these but that's not the end of the world. They indeed do have limitations as you have pointed out but they are still incredible tools that you can use to capture amazing images.

  15. I am a wildlife enthusiast…my budget is low….abd my choice is canon 800d and tamron 18-400….can you please tell me about the auto focus speed of this lens…or this combination?

  16. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge. You answered a couple of questions pretty much right away. The non focus issue with 100-400L on an aps-c body and why…works killer with 70-200L and still gives acceptable images. Thank you again!

  17. thank you for the great explanation. We have an APSC camera (7D mk II) and the Tamron 70-200g2 and needed more reach, we almost got the Tamron 1.4x. Now we will wait and see if we can get the Canon 300 f4

  18. Actually you're completely wrong, a teleconverter is nothing like using a DX sensor as a crop sensor is simply a crop and there is no magnification. Teleconverters DO physically change the lens and increase the focal length. Its like optical zoom vs digital zoom in a way, optical is better. However some DX crop camera's are very good and maybe a better option.

  19. Your passion is tangible and appreciated. You do an awesome job explaining in a way that a newbie such as myself understands. Much respect to you and Chelsea. You guys are a treasured addition to my world.

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