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TC Live: Rain & Fog Photos

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  1. Chelsea ambushed Justin with that crane question – no fair ! Fun show, as always. I was sorry to hear that Siobhán can't continue her blog and live show review. She was/is never less that witty, incisive and acerbic – often, all at the same time ! Thanks, Siobhán (smiley face)

  2. You're right Tony, I pity the fool who tries a live show too – Doing a live show is a daunting task and you have become role models on how a great one should be done. We were brainstorming trying a live cooking show on our Rodys Kitchen channel, but getting the production anywhere near where T and C is at is intimidating. Great work… looking forward to next week!

  3. Hi! There were some amazing shots in there! But my question is: Where can I find information about Andrew Shiel (48:06, I hope I didn't butcher his name!)? I searched for him, but without success.
    Because I have (too) much vintage glass here (which I use a lot), and I would like to get some additional info on using it to improve my shots.

  4. Good show as always. Would you mind posting links to the portfolios you reviewed during these shows?

    There was a question about using a mirror as a reflector. My sense is that a mirror would effectively move the light away from the subject, making the light smaller and harsher, while a white reflector enlarges and softens the light. What do you think?

  5. Next week's theme is reflections. Not sure when to submit photo. Do we only submit photo during the show or can we do it prior to the show airing? Also what time do you air the show in the East Coast?

  6. Kinda weird that both of them are so used to tweaking photos, yet at the 6 minute mark start to ask is this real? I know they were wondering about the fog but chances are very few of the photos are depicting the real colours of the scene.

  7. I genuinely really found the previous "need more disk space" vid useful and deleted a bunch of files and converted the files from raw. Someone once said "If you teach just one person something it's worth it" Actually it really isn't for just one, but nice supportive words hey 😊

  8. I think you guys are great, but you really need to come to England to catch up on your British culture, St Ives Cornwall, especially has the light down here in this part of the UK, is second to none in the World. This is why this part of the UK is famous for Artist.

  9. There's actually a big reason to tell people to go to school for photography and it has nothing to do with photography: If you can afford to go you should because it's a low-risk trial run at being an adult. I know maybe once person who graduated high school and was ready to be an adult, mostly because he'd been ready for years. Everyone else? College is a great chance to try it and fail pretty severely with almost no consequences. Bonus points for a piece of paper that impresses civilians during job interviews.

  10. The next solar eclipse will happen on April 8, 2024 . The northern edge of the totality will happen 45 miles south on me in Ohio. I am planning on driving down south of Toledo Ohio to see it.

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