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Take CUTE Puppy Pictures!!

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We got a puppy & her name is Pixel. Chelsea gives you some tips for taking great pictures of puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, or other pets. For more, SUBSCRIBE …


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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute!
    If you shoot wildlife and therefore have a 500mm f4, they make fantastic portraits of dogs since you can be a bit further away and get a more natural expression without them wanting to go up to you for cuddles.

  2. Great video. One question – how do you get such sharp photos whilst hand holding a long lens? Camera shake is one of my biggest issues even with a 35mm! Maybe because I'm getting old and doddery? 🙂

  3. Great video… I use very much the same setup for the hundred or more dogs that I shoot each year. I have any number of lengths of different type fabrics (mostly velveteen or fleece) of different colors which I throw over a Lazyboy reclining chair that becomes my studio. Since I am an old man, getting down to the dogs eye level can be a bit difficult so I use a roll around office chair which allows me mobility but keeps me at the dogs height. One neat trick that I have found to be successful is to buy a bag of squeakers designed to fit in stiffed toys, These are available in most craft shops. I hold the squeaker between my teeth. Biting down on it makes a noise which attracts to dog to look toward the spot when the noise came from – the camera… Some of my images: https://rpcrowe.smugmug.com/Pets/MALTESE-RESCUE-CALIFORNIA/i-JD3w3k3

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