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Sony RX100 VII new FEATURE! Water photo REVIEW, Tony made me do something dumb… (TC LIVE)

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  1. Hi guys!! love the channel and have been soaking up as much of your content as I can. I've only managed to hit up one live show currently though. Is there any place that you display your schedule for live shows, or any place that you announce the show prior to going live? Sorry if I missed this information somewhere, I did try to actively look though lol. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer, and Thanks to you guys for all the awesome, inspiring content!! PS: A special thanks to Chelsea's video about shooting vertical panorama shots. I've only got a google pixel 2 currently, and always felt a little bit limited by my 12MP shot limit. After watching your video I've been getting some really nice 24-50MP images. Really excited to get one reviewed by you two one of these days! Hope everyone here is having a good one – Love from Canada!

  2. That's mine at 21:00! I really appreciate the feedback! it actually wasn't foggy at all that day – that was right along the NJ coast on a cloudy morning. I was using a 10 stop ND filter there. All the misty fogginess is just the ocean crashing the shore. I had some more at an angle with the sky, but it was just so boring. I also didn't like how the horizon would cut through the poles. Made it feel really unbalanced. That's why I isolated the subject just over the ocean.

  3. PIxel 3 is cheaper and for most will be a much better buy. cameras like this, at this price nope no way
    It's a no go really. Sony need to wake up to the crashing industry – the price isn't realistic

  4. PIxel 3 is cheaper and for most will be a much better buy. cameras like this, at this price nope no way
    It's a no go really. Sony need to wake up to the crashing industry – the price isn't realistic

  5. I wasn't able to watch this live, so my comment is way after the show. Hopefully, it will be seen by the Northrup's. My photo was the Boats at Ross Castle in Ireland. Thank you so much for critiquing my photo and giving me great suggestions. I was going for a bit moody, and on my laptop, it looked brighter, so I need to be mindful of that in learning how to use lightroom effectively. I truly appreciate the feedback. Not sure why folks get so uptight, everyone needs an objective editor otherwise you don't learn anything new from a different perspective. 🙂 PM

  6. hi tony AMD RYZEN is out, and all pc creators are ignored the photographers we need so bad that someone make a beckmarch abaut the perfomance of the new AMD with lightroom…..you are a pc guy maybe you'll like to help.

  7. Apple rumours reporting a recent leak! ‘Tony emoji’ to be added to new iOS. Said emoji would be used to indicate, ‘good luck producing a Valid counter argument in a timely fashion’!

  8. On calibration, if you have a mirrorless camera, after making your adjustments, put the image back on your card and re-view it back in your cameras viewfinder.

  9. always use a calibration device xrite is arguably better than spider, the eye is the worst possible calibration device, we all see quite differently you also need to calibrate your monitor weekly or fortnightly as the phosphors change as your monitor gets older, have a stable ambient light in the room, the device measures the ambient light to determine the end result, colour management is a very necessary and complex subject if you intend to print anything commercially.

  10. Tony can you make a video explaining why there is a second aperture inside the canon 100mm L lens ? It also saw one inside the Tamron 15-30mm.
    On the 100mm then you focus to infinity there is no aperture, but when focused to 1 to 1 you can see it. I also press the aperture button at f4 and a second aperture behind it appears O_O.
    On the Tamrom it appears when zooming but not when focusing. I can't find anything on the web explaining it.
    Gonna post this on every video till you see it. !!

  11. Chelsea and Tony… Justin provides a bit of dynamic feedback similar to the way sitcoms were filmed with a live audience. I actually enjoy the program more when I can hear him laughing on the background. Keep up the good work. 👍🏼

  12. short-ish shutter speeds for flowing water are a good idea. We see far too many long exposures of water, so that’s a fad which is now passé. A short-ish exposure shows water movement without removing subtle detail. I like that.

  13. I calibrated my monitor using the spyder 5 (cheapest version) using displayCal (free) and I did it using a 5000k white light in my room that I use only when editing for print. I downloaded the printer profiles from the company I used and soft proof in light room. I get as near as makes no difference accurate prints to what my monitor shows. This is on a very cheap run of the mill monitor too, nothing fancy.

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