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Sony RX100 VII (& earlier) Tutorial Overview

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Our free, one-hour tutorial for the Sony RX100 series! For photography books, video training, presets & apparel visit: http://sdp.io/Store TABLE OF CONTENTS …


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  1. Thank you for this review! I received my RX 100 vii a couple of days ago and your review has been the very best instructional tutorial posted. Very hands-on for novices like myself. Round 2 of this one soon.

  2. Hi there. While using aperture priority or manual mode, and having manual focus activated, how do you change the aperture if rotating the ring changes the focus?

  3. Lots of cool info. Sure which Sony would update the firmware on the M3 version of the camera (which is still shipping and still a great camera) to have the time lapse interval shooting function.

  4. forgot to mention you can turn it on (for viewing images) by pressing the play button, the lens does not come out. if you then press the menu button you go into the menu. also if after pressing the play button to turn it on to preview past images you then want to take photos you just half press the shutter button and the lens comes out.

  5. I have this camera and love it. There is however one big frustration for me. When you want to take a selfie, The shutter speed, ISO and f-stop
    are all covered up on the bottom of the screen when you flip it up because it doesn't go high enough. Why couldn't they make the screen so when you flipped it up, you could see the bottom info bar? It's basically impossible to see your settings.
    What a rookie mistake they made with this

  6. Another way to turn on the camera, just to review photos, is to press the Play button on the back. That way you can look at your pictures without activating the lens every time.

  7. About focusing modes – you needed to mention not only that VI and VII is fast AF-C, but VA too, because it has hardware from VI, just with brighter lens 🙂

  8. Lots of great tips! Is there a way to set a Euro spec camera to 24p/30p? Mine has 25p/50p/100p as options, which annoyingly don't match the more common 60p used online… EDIT: Never mind! Seems you can swap between PAL and NTSC formats in the setup menu 🙂 Got it set to NTSC now, much more youtube friendly 😉

  9. PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NX CAMERA. This is such a wonderful camera and I love using it. I have all three Samsung Android cameras. I started with the Samsung Galaxy Camera then I bought the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 and finally I bought the Samsung Galaxy NX Camera. I love all three of these cameras. I even love letting my family and friends use the Galaxy Camera or Galaxy Camera 2 both in auto mode and letting them go off all day or week or however long and letting them just shoot as many photos and videos as they want. I also love that all three of these cameras are android which is how I share my photos and videos with my Google Photos account. I am very simplistic and minimalist and with new features from apple, I have decided to use my iPhone exclusively for color grading and editing videos with my iPhone. I also use Lightroom on my iPhone with a preset that I will create for each new batch of photos, so all they photos from an shoot or event will look the same. The only app outside of my iPhone or Android Samsung Galaxy Camera 1 and 2 as well as my Galaxy NX Camera, is iMovie on my Mac Laptop. I still use iMovie on my iPhone but it is severely limited and much more fully featured on the Computer vs the iPhone. Still usable on the phone though, just want that to be said. Anyway, PLEASE DO A VIDEO ABOUT THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NX AND SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA 1 & 2 PLEASE.

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  11. Here’s a tip, if you have another camera, lets say a A6500 and the the RX100 VII, change the name of files it stores to RX1, then you know that the photos you took came from the RX. You can also change the A6500 to A65, 3 digits is max for both cameras.

  12. I have the money for the A7R4 and the 200-600G. That being said…would the RX100M7 being a good camera to start out in photography, giving me a decent "all-arounder" camera that I can practice landscape, portrait, and wildlife photography?

  13. I just bought a new Sony RX100 Mk5A Digital Compact Camera, I want to buy EOSHD so i can get the Canon Colours on my Sony RX100 Mk5A, Please can you answer the following.
    1. is EOSHD for both stills and video or is it for video only.
    2. Do i need to Purchase EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 XR/Deep Warmth or EOSHD Sony Pro Color 3.0 Deep Warmth.
    3. Which Picture Profile do i use for it as i see many picture profiles.

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