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Sony RX0 Hands-on Review

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Eugene tests out the Sony RX0 (http://digit.re/DSCRX0) by smuggling it into a public library. [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/HandsON16 [Subscribe]: http://bit.ly/DRTVSub …


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  1. Also when doing comparisons. Maybe you could have got DigitalRev to provide a Gopro so you could compare the video output and etc instead of just talking about it.

  2. I bought one as a super-portable all-weather all-terrain travel & street camera, for stills primarily, not for video.  I wanted the toughness and the one-inch sensor.  So far I've been pleased with the results I've gotten.  The main problem I've encountered is keeping your finger out of the shot.  🙂

  3. What the hell is this, cam fu lee.
    Is it just me or have they just got it all backwards.
    There was nothing wrong with this show in the last few years,
    we all loved it and the hoists where part of our ongoing love of camera gear/and just having fun.
    This is a sad case of just trying to make something batter but making a complete balls of it.
    Have just become bored of watching, refuting a younger model is not batter (look at TopGear BBC cockup),
    getting it wrong in a fast growing world is just self murder for any big platform.
    What the hell is wrong with you guys, is there any one at home in there? or have you all gone mad?
    I'm just hanging on in hope that this was all a bad dream and that you fools will ask kiss and make up.
    Get the real hoists back that we have all loved and send the kinds packing back to school.
    I will not be hanging on for much longer, and I was one of the first 1000 sub to this channel back in 2006!
    Just to let you guys know…
    Mr. Jonathan William Fay

  4. Haven't been back to see DR for some time since Kai W and Lok left.
    Good review, keep up the good work DR team… I find the intro was a bit long and cheesy 😅

  5. You keep saying it's f/4 and then complain about the lack of autofocus. What are you going to autofocus on? Everything is sharp, all the time. F/4 on this lens is something like f/11 in 35mm terms, when it comes to DOF.

  6. For real Eugene is better looking than Kai but Kai has better presentation however Eugene has better music but Kai got better shots while Eugene got better voice and Kai got better humour and I’m back to Eugene is better looking. Should I sub or nah?

  7. I don’t know who Kai or Rebecca that everyone keep mentioning, but Eugene is cute. This review of the Sony RX0 is helpful and entertaining. I was going to ask my dad to get me this for my birthday, but now I know it sucks. Thank you Eugene. 👍 and Sub!

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