Home Photography Sony NEX 5N – what's new? (Filmed with A77)

Sony NEX 5N – what's new? (Filmed with A77)

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It didn’t seem so long ago when we reviewed the NEX 5(http://bit.ly/NEX_5N). Sony have been taking their mirrorless system to new levels and recently released …


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  1. Ive been using my nex 5n for quite a while its very good and I tend to take it out more than my dslr but the lenses are very expensive and not the best, if you want this camera get the alpha lens adapter and invest in the alpha series lenses if not there really isnt a point. Also for the price of the evf which is around 300 you might as well get the nex 7. One last thing you cant put the 5n or whichever model with the evf in your bag it can break or get damaged.

  2. Used the sony nex5N to shoot about five thousand to seven thousand photos a day in a moving stop motion type movement, when travelling Korea and Japan. Absolutely loved the speed of continuous shooting when on manual focus and a fast shutter speed. obviously an quality memory card helps with a decent frame buffer

  3. Hi there i know this video is kinda old but i just bought my nex 5n i wonder if there is any way i can have a remote controller for interval timer ? Cuz i cant find any on the internet thnx for the help

  4. Hi, Im a beginning photographer. out of all the cameras youve tested what camera would you suggest for sharp pictures, fast focus, sports action photos, moon shots? I was looking at the sony nex 5 series but the photos look soft like you pointed out. any suggestions please? ๐Ÿ™‚ great review good to see camera in action before purchasing. I also want a camera with an LCD review screen like the sony's with an easy menu to navigate… which is why im leaning away from the nikons and canons.

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