Home Photography Sony Cyber-shot T900 & T90 – Video Review by DigitalRev

Sony Cyber-shot T900 & T90 – Video Review by DigitalRev

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The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 and DSC-T90 both offer 12 megapixels resolution and a 4x optical zoom. Whats more, they can now deliver HD video recording …


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  1. @theMilkz but did you ever try to record a concert with it?? And is the sound quality then good,too? Because most cameras suck if you try to do it 😀 Most of 'em are way too sensitive.
    And I've heard that the t900 hase pretty much hissing which is very disturbing.

  2. i've never recorded in huge concerts, but in crowds, i have. it is sort of sensitive, by that i mean it does record every sound. but i notice in playback, the louder noises are clearer, as opposed to the background noise. but i guess in concerts, if someone near to you is shouting, that get's recorded clearer than the stage. i often catch the conversations of people beside me. as for hissing during playback, i've never actually heard it. :s

  3. WWEEEE!!!so u must know bout polaroid camera….i like photography alot…dont hav a gr8 camerqa yet but can u tell me bout some good polaroid camera?old style..u know…click n it comes out!!

  4. can someone help me out. I will get about 1222 dollars from finishing my high school internship. I want to get a great camera which can give me both excellent pics and HD video recording. so is CANON better to get or SONY?

  5. I love my T90! A lot of sentimental values to me. But i accidentally dropped it and the screen apparently cracked(it wasn't visible but the screen was all glitchy) so i took it apart and found a crack. But i recently found a screen replacement!!! It was extremely hard to find.but i found one. I really love my T90!

  6. @BeatDemon08 hey! if you don't mind me asking, where did you find a screen replacement? every camera specialist has told me to throw my camera away and buy a new one due to it being very expensive repairing and costs £109 to just be looked at!

  7. @ravi1992 I have THE direct link to the Sony Cybershot DSC-T90 Screen replacement. ownta.com/sony-cyber-shot-dsc-t90-digital-camera-repairing-lcd-display-screen-replacement.html You have to order online though! But i got mine fixed! 😛

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