Home Photography Sony Alpha A900 – First Impression Video by DigitalRev

Sony Alpha A900 – First Impression Video by DigitalRev

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The Sony A900(http://bit.ly/SONYa900) features a 24.6 megapixels full frame CMOS sensor, a Dual BIONZ processor plus full frame SteadyShot Inside Image …


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  1. @MrPlaystationboy Well maybe deep inside you wanted to give me a thumbs up, because you know this type of videos have more about PHOTOGRAPHY in them, then the attempt of online sitcom they have now… 😉

  2. @elr2141979 The A850 and A900 are great full-frame cameras. Sony will release new full-frame bodies next year. Cameras come and go, but great lenses last a life-time…

    The 85mm is a great portrait lens. For a more general purpose lens, the Zeiss 24-70 is top-notch, as is the 16-35 for landscape, and on a full-frame provides some artistic distortion at the very wide end.

    Canon, Nikon and Sony all have great full-frame offerings. The important thing is choosing the right glass.

  3. @boilfacer Actually that's not true. Newer lenses are manufactured with better components and lens coatings. This makes them optimized for digital photography. The era of holding on to lenses forever and expecting them to perform as well as others 10 and more years into the future is no longer applicable with modern cameras.

  4. @TomZentra I imagine some classic Zeiss and Leica M lens owners would disagree with you. While there is some evidence that older lens cannot resolve the current crop of 24MP sensors, I doubt in real world usage they would disappoint.

    Besides, the lenses I were talking about were manufactured for digital SLR's. I will be using my Zeiss glass for years to come 🙂

  5. @boilfacer Disagreement on issues is the nature of the Internet. There often is an opposite view regardless of the subject or the truth of the matter. I would not be the least surprised if there is a rebuttal from someone who claims film and old lenses is better than a digital sensor and a specially designed lens for a camera. As for Leica owners, you cannot tell them anything. They believe they have the best equipment and they will not listen to anyone who shows them otherwise.

  6. A900 and A390 has the same A-Mount…

    Well when it comes to Sony, all their DSLR and SLT has A-mount so you wouldnt have to worry

    Sony NEX series is a different story though. NEX uses E-Mount

  7. Sony is doing something right. I own A 550, A 850, and A 900 & I am happy with their performance. One good thing about them is the availability of lenses. I can use Minolta AF lenses (real glass & dirt cheap, made in Japan), Carl Zeiss lenses (when I afford), Sony lenses (not cheap), or reasonably priced independent maker's lenses. These three cameras cost me less than a used D4, or a new EOS 5D R. If one pays >3000-6000 for these 2 cameras & they will retain only 20% of their value in 5 years, then why bother (let rich ones buy them- go for a good used camera, you will never go wrong).

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