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Sony Alpha A330 First Impression Video by DigitalRev

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The Sony Alpha A330(http://bit.ly/SONYa330) comes with a new style body and subtle changes from its predecessor the Alpha A300. Pricing Reference: …


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  1. @dereileak being the cheapest dslr out there,, it won't have everything…but it really is a great camera for those starting up,,,alot of people are holding back on dslr because of its high price and confusing menu… i just bought one off craiglist for 200 and it feels great and im enjoying it so far….

  2. I got my hands on one today and I have to agree with a lot of people who said it does not feel plastic.I think the new design is refreshing as it has a bit more curves and feels less bulky. you did not really talk about live view performance or the cost and that its user interface is more friendly than other cameras.(something to include in the future)

    I did like that you showed what came in the box.

  3. Its a solid camera, the quality is far supirior to the newer Sony Nex 3 and 5, the live view is great, the screen is nice a solid, no video, you buy a slr for photos not videos, all in all great camera and lens

  4. bought one of these was very good for a few months but the anti dust system is rubbish i put compressed gas in it, cleaned the mirror, cleaned the lenses and still have vast amounts of dust when i do a HDR

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