Home Photography Sony a9 II: $4,500 Full-frame Mirrorless with 20 FPS

Sony a9 II: $4,500 Full-frame Mirrorless with 20 FPS

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The NEW Sony a9 II (http://sdp.io/a92) is evolutionary, not revolutionary. It has the same 24 megapixel sensor, same 20 FPS with no blackout, and the same …


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  1. Hey Tony, unrelated to the A9ii but can you check with Sony on what's going on with Imaging Edge Mobile App. Ever since iOS 13 you can no longer transfer photos from your camera to your phone. This is frustrating, please look into this.

  2. 'Sony will upgrade the features!' I think Sony may upgrade the features in the future. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, only an indicator. Unless you know 100% what the have planned! 😉

    Otherwise, keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Tony, thanks for doing this "pre review". Something I would like to see you cover in depth, once you get your hands on a copy, is how well the Animal Eye AF works with birds and mammals in motion. Of particular interest to me would be how well Animal Eye AF works with very long lenses in challenging situations, such as when the animal is very small in the frame, and/or in rapid, erratic motion … especially with a very busy, contrasty background directly behind the animal.

  4. so the shutter lag with the sony is actually evf latency??? does this effect the a7riii or a7r4, i am seriously considering a used d5 do pets dog agility horse jumping and a7rii a7riii works if i prefocus on my area in manual focus but i was missing lots of shots because of i though was shutter lag but i love the resolution shoot wide and get details others don't have in images. I was going to buy a9 as soon as we get another price drop as i have lots of non gm sony glass and i don't shoot below 5.6. This is first time i have heard efv has a lag so does the a7riii or a7r4 also have this evf lag or is it the shutter. I have been Compensating for what i thought was shutter lag by manually pre-focusing on an area and hitting shutter early but if evf is issue 2 eye open trick i used when have a blinker in studio under flash with film would work? I switched to sony for evf in 2015 all canon gear gone.

  5. Love your unbiased reviews, and true . . . no camera will ever be perfect because as humans not ONE of us is ever perfect, nor will there ever be one, so why expect a perfect tool from an imperfect source? Keep up the good work!

  6. @Tony i don't mean to sound Cheeky 😝, but it looks like you have Black Mascara ✍ on your eyes 👀, Red Lipstick 💄& some sort of Foundation Makeup 👜 on your Cheeks….Am I Right…!?..

  7. um… what’s wrong with big and heavy? i would jump ship immediately if the A9 felt like my 1dxmkii – i like how the weight steadies shots. the grip on the 1dxmkii is so comfortable especially with the built in battery grip – the sony a9 feels like a thin slab of plastic with the grip as an afterthought.

  8. I just watched your A7R IV review and this (A9 ii) back to back. I keep returning to your reviews because I value them! I respect your opinions and conclusions and generally agree with them. I also relate to your frustration with the industry at large and think we both feel like Sony could do so much more without much effort (R&D has already been done kinda thing). I believe you draw fire (I'm guilty) because you are so passionately frustrated by the fact that Sony is inches from really great cameras, but just can't seem to close that gap, release after release. I hope they listen to you! I'm not buying either the A( ii or the A7R IV because I don't believe they move the dial enough to justify the upgrade. I'll wait. Thing is, Sony, will your competition catch you whilst you continue to miss the mark??

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