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Sony a7R IV Tips & Tutorial

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Our free, one-hour tutorial for the Sony a7R IV! Photography books, video training, Lightroom presets & t-shirts: http://northrup.photo TABLE OF CONTENTS …


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  1. Enjoying this video as a user of an A7RIV. Its funny you start the video by saying something like: "i suppose you know what you are doing because you own an expensive killer cam and then in the middle of the video you offer photography courses. That's funny & cute. Learned a lot though… Peace

  2. Has anyone used SONY M UHS-II SD MEMORY cards with the IV? I have a book of these cards and wasn’t sure how they would perform. I’m waiting for my A7RIV to be delivered and really don’t want to spend any additional $. How much longer will the buffering take with these cards compared to the high dollar cards? Any info would be appreciated.

  3. Tony – Just got my new Sony – Thanks for all the detailed information very helpful. Just started using back button focus. OMG how did I live without it for all these years.

  4. Thank you so much for your tutorial!!! SO GREAT 🙂 I had always used Canon. Sony´s menues are the worst!!! I just started to use this new camera and far now is a great camera! but a lot to learn to get the most of it 🙂 best!!!

  5. Tony, Chelsea or anyone, I have three questions:
    1. how do you get AF assist beam to work with flash or transmitter?
    2. how to get HSS when flash head bounced?
    3. Japan's Zeiss Batis lenses, how can you get information that showing on lens to camera's viewfinder/LCD?

  6. Tony, I cringe when you talk about RAW. The only time someone needs to shoot JPEG is if they are 1) not a professional photographer (Meaning they are not making money on their photos and do not need to get the most out of the picture), and 2) they have a storage problem. Both of those should exist together, else you have no real need to shoot anything but RAW. It makes no sense, and I have listened to all you explanations of why to shoot JPEG.

    If you are not a professional, you should still use RAW because you will get the most data out of your picture and it will be better for you as you edit the picture. If you have a storage issue and you are a PRO, then you need to fix the storage issue before switching the very important RAW format. And now when storage is so much easier to acquire, it should be a fix you can handle as a professional.

    If you have a storage problem and you are not a professional, and it is just your hobby or passion, then go ahead and use JPEG. It will not matter at all at that point, but you should use RAW if possible.

    Overall, I think your advice on the matter definitely comes from your techy personality, where you like to know and have "different options" because you understand or have them. You have mentioned before that you LOVE the techy side, but I think your passion for that gets in the way of the very important practical reasons for using RAW. That's cool. All power to you on that. To each is own, but I think when you give that advice to people who are learning and trying to make photography something they can perfect and even make money with, you are misguiding them.

  7. I got a 5dsr..got a lot of good moments With it. Why switch? Equipment freak, ugh… Why dont you make a comparion video With the 5dsr and the Sony a7r4? No one has done it so far.
    I would, if I had the a7r4 available 😉

  8. Having trouble opening the zip files for the saved settings… Using a Macbook older version. It defaults to word whenever I try to open it from Google Drive. Any help is appreciated!

  9. Another brilliant tutorial. Thanks, Tony! I found Imaging Edge to be a bit better than it seems in the video. In synching with the smartphone, I set up the camera setting, then click connection, and it brings up the QR Code on the camera monitor. Then I start the Imaging Edge App on the smartphone, and then click on "scan QR code" in the App. The smartphone camera switches on within the App and I scan the QR code – a few seconds and the connection is all good – easy! I think the Remote app is very good – I don't need a wireless remote for group shots including me. I agree View and Edit are more clumsy. Overall I would rate it as a very good wireless remote control for the A7R4. Thanks again for the great tips – I have followed or adapted them for my shooting style. They really helped me to get a good way up the learning curve of the Sony menu system. Off to your site now to get more of your books.

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