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Sony A7 II Hands-On Review

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In the first video of Season 6, Kai and Lok decide to make a brand new intro sequence to celebrate reaching 1-million subscribers, while reviewing the new Sony …


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  1. I've seen an instagram post that you've run out of things to review…

    Would you be kind enough to entertain these suggestions and do a review on each of them?

    1) the new Canon 50mm f1.8 STM

    2) camera comparisons (in terms of image and video quality) between Canon 7D Mark II, Sony A7 II, and Sony A7r II, and Sony A7s

    3) an in-depth review of Nikon D7200

  2. I find your prejudice quite irritating. If this was Canon's XD II you'd be in your prime. But, as it's Sony, it isn't that great, huh? Focusing on the negatives and no the new features.

  3. Lol this guys is really problem with Sony. Don't have much brain about sony native lense. If sony have native lense why he tested with some grandfather level lenses??? Please bro grow up lets do a test canon body on sony lense.

  4. Debating between getting the Sony A7R (Mark 1) and the Sony A7II for photography. Anyone have any advice? Is the image stabilization on the A7II worth having fewer megapixels than the A7R? Thanks!

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