Home Photography Sony a6400 Quick Review + GIVEAWAY: Best entry-level camera!

Sony a6400 Quick Review + GIVEAWAY: Best entry-level camera!

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Buy the a6400 at http://sdp.io/a6400 or WIN IT at http://freesdp.com We do an early review of the Sony a6400, about $900 for the body or $1000 for the kit. It isn’t …


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  1. i was thinking of buying canon m50 within budget for vlogging but it is nice if i win a free sony a6400 . i will make bali vlog with it.people are saying the microphone is coming between the flip screen but the microphone can be adjusted in the side also with the help of bracket holder.

  2. I always wanted to have my own camera not like becoming a photographer. I would say some kind of it. to capture the memories and all but these cameras are bit more expensive which I couldnot afford it. so plz give it to me……

  3. I don't know if the giveaway is still on… I was looking between a6300 and a6400 on Amazon. I learnt that both the cameras has same specs and features except the latter on has a touchscreen and we can view slow-mo video on the screen itself. The question still remains whether to buy a6300 or a6400 because a6300 + 3 lenses + accessories in all cost $1100 whereas a6400 with 18-105mm lens cost $1299 and no accessories. Will you please help me to decide which one to buy? Thanks

  4. Thanks for all the great reviews and content, you two have taught me so much! I made the mistake of buying an a6000 for bird and dog photography. I've found the 11 frames a second is useless if the images aren't sharp. I'm a big bird hunter and enjoy photographing hunts. I train dogs on the side as well so I defiantly like getting pictures of my boys and client dogs working in the field as well as training. Trying to decide if the A7iii or the a64000 is the better option for me. My images really only go on Instagram and Facebook. Maybe one day I'll get some prints made for my "man cave". I like what I hear about the A7iii as far as an all around camera, but to be honest I'm not overly concerned with some of the benefits of full frame like low light shooting. 1.5x crop factor is actually appealing to me being that all my shots are at a distance. Is it worth the extra 800 dollars to go with the A7iii?

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