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Sony a6300 Overview Tutorial

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  1. Tony, many thanks for this excellent tutorial. You guide was the final decision maker before I purchased a Sony a6300 the other day. I have the SDP ebook and I'm working through that now. I've been an amateur photographer for decades, but I'm learning a lot from you.

  2. Hi there! I'm approaching you as I'm having an emergency here. I'm using a Sony A3000 camera and I'm a newbie and I messed up my settings. I pressed something wrong and now my LCD panel display has a blinking 30" in the left corner where I should have my shutter speed value displayed e.g. 1/60 or 1/180. My camera is set on "P" mode right now. I desperately need your competent assistance and support in order to resolve the issue. I really don't know what to do.

  3. When you send photos to your phone via WI-fi, it's putting it out at a lower resolution right? So to get the most resolution (Original file) its better to hook a usb cable/ SD card, to the computer?

  4. I just bought this camera a couple of hours ago and knew little to nothing about pro photography. This video was an excellent way to get started as I feel I already have so much more control over my photos and video after just a short bit of training. I can't wait to learn more!

  5. Thank you so much for this video. It does all the right things that so many videos don't – keeps a good pace and avoids unnecessary small talk and the big sign in the background makes it super easy to go back and find a specific section to review. Brilliantly done and much appreciated.

  6. Hello- I just bought the a6300 after lots of research…I am not sorry I did ..its awesome. but ever better is this video! I agree with others – I have bookmarked and listen to tons of educational vids to learn this camera..this was explained so well and made it very easy to grasp and use this camera…thanks SO MUCH!.. my other bookmarks will be deleted to make life simple

  7. hi..thanks for the great video and info…Q: I know how to connect wireless from my camera to phone to transfer photos but having a problem transferring to my Mac Air? how is this done please…thanks again

  8. Just recently come across your videos. I live in the UK and bought the A6300 2 months ago. There are 100s of photography videos on YouTube but I like your friendly, engaging and non-condescending approach. So I've ordered your book and subscribed to your channel. Thank you.

  9. Another benefit of Autofocus-Single mode instead of Autofocus-Continuous on the a6300 is that you get 14-bit raw instead of 12-bit raw files, giving you a bit more latitude for later exposure variation when working with the raw image file. Thanks for the great video Tony!

  10. Dude PLEASE BE ABLE TO ANSWER THIS FOR ME: I’m trying to do “single bracketing 2.0 ev 5 shots and i need to do both with and without the flash, the problem is that as soon as i turn the flash on, the camera won’t do the brackets, it’ll stay on 1/10 and wont change the shutter speed by itself, when i turn the flash off and try to take the first picture, shutter speed goes automatically to 1/160 for the first photo, but i need this to work both with and without the flash…. is there anything I’m missing? Both camera and flash are in “M”…. PLEASE PLEASE HELP…. thanks

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