Home Photography Sony a5100 Preview (vs a6000 & Nikon D3300)

Sony a5100 Preview (vs a6000 & Nikon D3300)

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Sony a5100 on Amazon: http://help.tc/a5100 Sony a6000: http://help.tc/a6000 Nikon D3300: http://help.tc/d3300.


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  1. beginner here looking to purchase one of these two cameras. the a5100s lack of a view finder is what is keeping me away from purchasing it. i believe i will be taking most on my photos outdoors so i am concerned about glare on the lcd screen being an hindrance. any thoughts to share about that. is the lcd screen sufficient for what i want to use it for ?

  2. Paid apps … apps available only in the us … and expensive lenses … 11fps but u get 2 or 3 photos that i can use .. whats good about it … i recommand the nikon 3400 or 5300.. so much better with cheaper lenses

  3. I am looking for a new camera that is better in all aspects of the Nikon d300s. The camera is too big in size for me. I was looking at the Sony or Fuji. My end goal would be a7iii or t3. But want something for now. Suggestions? Thanks

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