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Smallest full frame camera, silhouette pics & SHARK tale w/ Dan & Sally Watson (TC LIVE)

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  1. Wow… I’m glad I finally got one of my pictures up there. I am the one who shot the WW2-era aircraft on the tarmac with the sun burst behind it. It actually flew in the night before as part of a squadron of WW2-era Curtiss P-40 Warhawks for a “Flying Tigers” Commemorative Air Force event here in Atlanta. It is actually from the American Air Power Museum. (Fully flight-worthy and not broken down I assure you LOL). Thanks for showing it.

  2. funny. photography started with silhouettes in the late 1700s when a person sat and posed for an artist to do a silhouette. Here we are in the 21st century and not much has changed. Its a contrived effect…not a photographic representation of reality…in most cases. anyway, interesting to see the digital age mimicking , at least portraits, of a 300 year old technique. How about infra red photography next? How to get images in the infra red. seriously. MARTY SENDER YOUTUBE ps warmer waters, global warming, more sharks. do the math.

  3. What about most of the users stealing pictures and videos and publishing on Instagram? You can try contact Instagram support but they cannot do anything. I did photos under the licence of International Rally of New Zealand and does pictures are everywhere published by someone under they name.. Oh well…

  4. That B&W shot of the surfer was sick! Don't know why it wasn't mentioned. Great shot! Also, didn't see my photo anywhere in the library, not sure why, pretty sure I sent it correctly, oh well.

  5. Great stream as always.
    On the shark thing, check with any lifeguards that have access to drone/helicopter coverage. If bathers had any general oversight of water 25 to 35 metres offshore – you cannot believe how many are out there all the time. They generally do not like getting too close to shore at all. If there have been strong riptides that wash out close to beach, they can sometimes get in closer.
    If the shark was a tiger shark then that would make it a lot more risky though, so getting the kids out in that case is expedient 🙂
    A great woman I met years back that actively worked in shark research in Southern Africa said if anyone swims in most areas of the world (100% if in warmer waters) for up to 30 min, a shark of some kind has swum within 75 metres of you. If you have been in the water for more than 60 min, and depth around chest depth, a shark has swum within 50 meters of you. If humans smelled more fish-like, hundreds would be taken a week around the world. We taste wrong to most sharks 😀 – be that as it may, my toes still feel tingly when I swim in the sea and I do so almost daily.
    Many lifesaver associations use drones – they just do not let the public see the footage (or the public may never go into the sea again).
    Humans kill more sharks per day than humans die in the sea for any reason, let alone shark bites.

  6. In 1975, I was on leave from the Air Force (Dayton, Ohio) and went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to visit my dad. One night, I went to see "Jaws", which had just come out. When I walked out of the theater after the movie and down to the beach, I saw literally a duplicate of the early beach scene from the movie… Kids partying on the beach, jumping in the very-dark water, etc.. (but no shark attack!) It was a bit chilling at the time, and although I grew up in Lauderdale, it definitely changed my perspective on the ocean.

  7. The Sigma camera is barebones because it's modular. There is a hot shoe add-on, a grip, and even a loupe style viewfinder add-on. I assume most people didn't watch the announcement since it was in Japanese.

  8. I think cameras will keep on getting smaller and smaller..it's a trend like phones at one point… it will become so small that they will start slashing the size of the back screens that will be 1 to 1.5 inch..the price will keep being there until people realize that big is ok …I rather have a big camera that I drop and won't break..than a small one that falls one feet and breaks.

  9. The Big Issue is a charitable magazine in the UK, it is distributed to homeless people to sell and they keep a share of the profit. I'm sure this is a mistake on their behalf.

    The photographer who uploaded it at stock on the other hand…

  10. Oh my gosh, it's just a shark! Things like this are what make people scared of sharks, they truly are not dangerous in comparison to other things we are around all the time. More people die from vending machines every year than by sharks.

  11. Try flying in a helicopter about 200-300 yards off the beach anywhere up the Eastern shoreline of the US…you'll probably never want to go swimming in the ocean again…friend of mine in the Coast Guard used to take photos while flying barely off the beach in Virginia and there are tons of sharks and other things out there that are super close to you and you never even know it. If people had drones off the beach like this, no one would be swimming lol…

    "Saved your whole family" is also a bit dramatic…the shark never even came that close to them.

  12. the silhouette woman riding the horse in front of the big wall benefits from being in colour. The dust is an important artistic subject and you lose this, this “dust”, if you go monochrome B&W. Silhouettes are naturally kind-of B&W, but when you are blessed with a colour silhouette, you really can, and should, go for it!

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