Home Photography Sigma 50-100 f/1.8 Review: Full-frame Results on APS-C Cameras (but with problems)

Sigma 50-100 f/1.8 Review: Full-frame Results on APS-C Cameras (but with problems)

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  1. The bokeh does not depend on sensor size but in practice, due to crop factor, you need to move away from the subject, effectively away from your nearest focal length so looks like you got less bokeh.

  2. So it should be outstanding on a full frame cropping. Yes!! If lens is made to be full pictured on crop sensor, the physics should equal great cropping on a full frame. Gotta think on that one.

  3. Snap, no go for me. Im a shaky person. Darn you stable people. No VR at around 50 messes me up. Im disabled however, still VR really does help me a great deal. Dont know how much vr is needed for the average person. For myself its a must. I think often its just a selling/market gimmick. Youll NEVER get the full package. That would show it can be done, we all know it. Money and greed is what factors in 90% of what options we get. It may be larger, smaller, longer, etc. They can make it happen. I know a programmer who jacks into most every electrical/computer he owns. He blocks the blocks theyve put up, and puts vr into anything. Even cameras too, not directly, more like piggy backs. Its not hard, no hacking is hard at all. Just usually illegal; so id never consider it, unless

  4. In hopes you guys are still reading comments for this video: could you tell us a little more about how the Lens performs with a TC? Especially autofocus. Would be highly appreciated.

  5. Since there is a crop factor of 1.5x on my Nikon d5300, would that 50-100 be a good alternative to the 70-200 since the crop factor makes the 50-100 a 75-150?

  6. I have signa 18-35 on nikon d7100/d7200 no problems at all, while for tele lenes i went for tamron 70-200g2 cause its just alot better AF, faster and more clinical

  7. Love the video this is my go to lens I never have focusing issues on my t7i but I do with the 18-35 but I only use it for video other than that man I love this lens and I'm in a smaller area and nobody really likes to spend money on quality so its no need to upgrade to FF I've had a pro photographer ask me what I used because my photos are so sharp and crisp….I love it

  8. As always – an excellent and useful review. This lens has been recommended for a still life workshop and your remark at the end seems to clinch it – but paying out £700 for a second hand lens I'm still not convinced. I wonder if there is a more useful alternative?

  9. Thank you, I just found your review . Not only is the focus problem on the 50-100 its the same on the 18-35 1.8 . Would you please do a update review on the 18-35 and let people know about the same focus problem on the 18-35 .

  10. Tony and Chelsea,

    Thank you for this review from 2016 and your Youtube page! I'm new to trying to do serious photography, so this question might sound ridiculous, but, in regard to the focusing problems with the 50-100, I wondered if its inconsistent focus isn't the lens's fault, but the camera sensor? The reason I ask is you mentioned in the video that one of the weaknesses of the 50-100 is that it is "ahead of its time" (2016) because there weren't aps c cameras that had sensors greater than 24mp that could fully take advantage of the lens's ability. I recently bought a Canon M6 Mark II and many of my old lenses didn't perform well because the 32mp sensor was outperforming the lens. I bought a Sigma 18-35mm with a M to EF adaptor and I feel like I found the lens meant for this camera. Would cameras like the M6ii and the 90D, due to their 32mp sensor, naturally resolve the focusing problem because its sensor can better handle the potential of the lens? Thought it might be an interesting test for the two of you to do! Thanks!

  11. I have the sigma 18-35 and when I got it it was front focusing significantly. I spent a while with the usb dock calibrating it (calibrating it involved making adjustments at 4-5 distances at 4-5 different focal lengths). In doing this I found that the the amount of front focus depended on both the focal length of the lens and distance to the subject so just a micro adjustment alone would never have fixed it.

  12. UPDATE: Guys I upgraded the firmware of the Nikon D7200 to version 1.04 and the focusing accuracy and speed was increased BIG TIME!!! Please do upgrade your firmware in your camera… you can find the upgrade in the Nikon website… This lens with that crop body is AWESOME!!!

  13. I had similar focusing issues with my 18-35 f/1.8 Art (Nikon) – non consistent front/back focusing. Calibrated it using Sigmas USB-dock and the issues are gone.

  14. To whom may read this on 2020 and after.
    I'm using the Sigma 18-35 and 50-100 with 2 Fringer Pro ii on my fuji cameras,XT3 and XH1. No focus isuues,always hit the mark,very fast AF and excellent results.

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