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  1. I am a student filmmaker and i am huge into making short narratives i would love to use the canon 1dxm2 as i do not have enough money to upgrade the qualities of my film so i would love that! hope you have a good day Pete!

  2. Hey pet i live the most backwarded city in africa
    Where you cannot even find a camera to buy
    Dude i have been following ya since 2017
    And you actually tought me alot
    Now i am best in my little city
    Why don't you sell me some of them
    Hh i don't even know how to buy or even if i buy how will it reach me😄

  3. Indeed! Less is more, I only have the gear that I need/use. I’ve been ruthless lately and sold a lot of things I don’t use/need and it feels good!
    A much needed video from a high profile YouTuber like yourself a lot of people hang off your last word! YCimaging did a similar video about gear another great guy!😎

  4. If I was you, I'd put aside all this 'extra gear' and lock it somewhere for storage, outside the office. Free up your workspace and enjoy the creative freedom you are going after, but keep the gear. A friend of mine told me once when I was similarly annoyed with my stuff "Everything we own, we really wanted at one point or another". You got it for a reason, maybe right now you don't need/want it but you might a bit later on.

  5. Clean ups can help you get so much more creative! There’s literally more room for it. 😂Would love to take over a R5 or R6, just started my own photography business with my boyfriend, and I keep using his EOS R. (Instead of my Nikon) 🙈

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