Home Photography Samsung NX30 Review: A $600 Mirrorless Camera that Feels like a DSLR

Samsung NX30 Review: A $600 Mirrorless Camera that Feels like a DSLR

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  1. Appreciate your reviews.  When you review the Samsung NX1 (if you do) could you review the EVF.  I have seen some preliminary videos showing the EVF having delayed motion.  Is that a problem in anything other than video?  Except for lack of IBIS the Samsung NX1 seems a major step forward in APS-C.  Anyway-just a request.

  2. Mentionable:
    + i-Button on the lens in combination with the focus ring allows changing shutter speed and/or aperture, ISO speed, exposure compensation and white balance without having to take off the viewfinder from your eye.
    + Features a quick panorama shot via continuously sliding the camera left/right or top/bottom (in HD resolution).
    – Does not support RAW files in Auto mode.
    – Agressive noise filter for the JPEGs that cannot be switched off (removes fine texture details while producing blotches, images have no natural grain).

  3. HI how are you.. i wanted to know if there is a video of the NX300 cam?.  Wanted to know if you can explain the cam and also the functions on it.  Im a bigginer for Photography in general and would like to know more of the camera.  Im sure their might be better ones out there but this cam was gift and i want to use it and know how to use it.  The buttons and functions are overwhelming and confusing, so thats why i am writing and commenting to you both about the divice.  I was looking through your other videos and i couldnt find the Nx300.  Also on explaing the different kind of lenses for the device.  Thanks so much.  hope to hear from you both soon… Have a good one.  take care

  4. which camera do you recomend me more as a biginner D-SLR photographer. The Sony a58 or the Samsung NX-30. PD: i have watched most of your tutorial videos, so i have knowledge about the comands and different controls of a camera, but i don´t have one so that i could practice 🙁

  5. Hey, I love your channel and have been watching many of your videos. I am just wondering what you would recommend to a novice photographer taking close up shots of insects, flows and snakes ? I am currently torn between Nikon and Canon.

  6. Would you guys be able to do a review on the NX1 or the new NX500, along with their "S" lens 16-50 f2.0-2.8 and 50-150 f2.8. I can't find any decent review here on youtube. Thanks

  7. While I get that Samsung doesn't have as many lenses available as perhaps other manufacturers, I'm not sure I'd agree that a reason not to buy would be if you want to buy into the lens line/go beyond kit lenses.  They have a couple of great pro lenses now that cover the standard ranges (16-50, 50-150), some very small, lightweight and useful pancake primes, a really good, usefully ranged wide angle (the 12-24, which I've owned, has great optics in a very small and light package), a good macro, and are coming out with a 300mm lens soon, in addition to other rumored lenses (16-80, 24mm, 11-24mm).  While I'm not sure they are the fastest to release lenses (probably an understatement), the lineup has merit, and certainly even a professional wouldn't have a problem using Samsung for their work (especially with the release of the NX1 and its improved focusing and sensor).  
    I've owned just about every system in existence at one point or another, and have to say that I enjoy using Samsung cameras very much.  The interface is pretty intuitive, and I don't have to fight with the camera to get it to do what I want.  While I've yet to use the NX1, the NX500 is really fun and easy to use, and quite powerful to boot.  I like many different systems for many different reasons, but it's nice to see what feels like a re-dedication from Samsung to their cameras and lens line, and it certainly makes me hopeful for the future of the system.

    Thanks for the review, by the way; I look forward to your take on the NX1.

  8. Good review! I've been a D5100 owner for a few years, and my problem is its size and weight. You don't so much as carry a Nikon and its lenses as lug them, and only when necessary. So I instantly fell in love with the lightweight Samsung NX20 the first time I saw one, and even more so with the NX30 (the NX1 is drop dead gorgeous, but a bit too big and expensive for me). I keep going back to B&H to check out the latest Olympus Pens, Lumix GX7s, Sony's, etc., but when I get down to the end of the aisle of tables and hold the NX30, I always feel it's the camera for me (until an NX50 comes out, I guess). I especially love how the viewfinder zooms in when you manually focus. Compared to the D5100 (or ANY Nikon, for that matter), the NX30 seems about 10 years ahead technologically. Chelsea & Tony's balanced review really confirmed my feelings.

  9. I intend to shoot cosplays using a glidecam, would you recommend the d5300 for that? I have been struggling with the choice. I looked at this mirrorless and the lumix g6 as well.

  10. hi tony great review,i need to ask you a question.Should i get a canon 750d/t6i or the samsung nx30 or the canon 60d?it would really help you you reply thanks 🙂

  11. I do not understand the negative votes, this is an excellent review of the Samsung NX30.  But you still have not done a review of the Ricoh GR, it is APS-C, small, and takes stellar images.

  12. I have my hands on the Samsung NX30 and I hate it.  I think the Nikon d3300 is a better choice for a cheaper price.  The d3300 is not that much heavier than the NX30.  The NX30 feels CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP.   I also was not impressed with the image quality of the NX30.  If coming from a point and shoot camera then you might love the NX30.  If you have used a small dslr like the d3300 then you probably will not like this thing at all.  I do love the telescoping viewfinder.

  13. Hi, I own a Canon T3 and a SX50. I learned on a Pentax K-1000 years ago while working in a photo store so I'm not intimidated by cameras. I love hiking and taking landscape photos so I find myself debating between the NX30 and the Nikon D3300. I want great image quality for prints. Thoughts?

  14. I have this Samsung NX30 and is Great!! the pictures are wonderful, also more than videos. Samsung cameras are faster than most of all cameras on market, more FPS than most brands. Las nigth I was recording video at ISO 3200 and if using a good ilumination works really Nice!! The Samsung NX30 is better than all these cameras in the video. that Sony looks noisy and with less definition, son how can have better imagen quality?? that last Nikon is bigger, too heavy and don't have NFC, isn't touch and I like much more the NX30.

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