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Ricoh GXR w/ A12 50mm f2.5 Macro Hands-on Video

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With the release of the Olympus E-P1 http://bit.ly/OlymEP1 (and E-P2 http://bit.ly/OlyE-P2 ), Panasonic G-F1(http://bit.ly/PanaGF1), how does Ricoh’s unique …


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  2. After using the GXR / M / A12 28 and 50mm units for three years, and a host of other cameras including high-end Fujis and Nikons, this is still my favourite system no matter how old the technology. Still takes fantastic images, just pop a CPL and decent hood on the A12s, EVF and good to go. Nowadays, absolutely best value for money you can get (IMHO) and RAW files are quick to load and work on in Lr. Simple, rugged system and just keeps on going. Light and versatile enough to take anywhere. With so much new tech, it's still my go-to….

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