Home Photography Ricoh GR Digital III – First Impression Video by DigitalRev

Ricoh GR Digital III – First Impression Video by DigitalRev

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Brought to you by www.digitalrev.com The Ricoh GR Digital III(http://bit.ly/RicohGRD3) comes with a host of improvements that complements brilliantly with the …


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  1. Its very nice but 28mm equivalent is a bit wide for a walk around camera and it does not have image stabilization. If it had a 35-40mm equivalent prime lens and in-body image stabilization I would buy it.

  2. At under a million- pixel monitor, I don't see how he can say it is the best monitor. It is surely
    more than good enough, BUT. I would like to see a tilt monitor. I will compare it against the
    Fuji XF10 at $499. If the Ricoh is $100 more and the photos are equal I will go with the Ricoh based on the hot-shoe and the 60Fps HD video and, if the flash is stronger. Since I already have a Nikon D750 and a D7100 I can use this baby for my "Always in my pocket camera". Als,o I do like the adapter lens to 21mm. If it all costs over $300 more… I don't know since I have a Zeiss 21 2.8 Distagon on my D750 at Full Frame.

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