Home Photography PRO SECRETS for SHARP PORTRAITS! Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

PRO SECRETS for SHARP PORTRAITS! Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

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Have you ever had portraits that weren’t quite sharp? We know the answer – yes – because EVERYONE does. Portraits are a struggle to find the right shutter …


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  1. Please read fully if replying:
    I don't completely agree about some of the points made like a 24MP not being able to give hi level images compared to a 61MP.
    If a higher Megapixel Camera would be all you need then why are Phone cameras with high Megapixel ratings still not as good as the Sony a9 for instance.
    Xiaomi has announced a 108MP Phone and it will not resolve like a 24MP Camera with good glass.
    I do agree the better lens instead of a kit lens can make a difference but then you would have to be specific as to which lens you are talking about.
    Tethering in studio and checking images on a larger screen is almost a must do in pro level work.
    Tethering is a bit of a problem and a budget consideration when going outdoors, needing a field monitor but the rear screen of your camera is not a very good guide at all.
    I own a Hi end 24MP and a high end 42MP camera and there is very little in difference to me and others who have seen my work.

  2. I admire your business acumen. You do this without being obnoxious, and that is a tricky balance on YouTube. After the holidays, I will be purchasing all of your books. As an armature photographer looking to grow into a paid photographer, I am fairly certain that your books will allow me to take my photography to a level where it is acceptable to ask for money for my work.

  3. Nice video for those experiencing focus difficulties. I think you demonstrated what I keep seeing over and over in live shoots that the Sony AF is simply not as great as it's made out to be. It might show a pretty little eye detection box, but that's often not precisely where it focuses. The Canon AF seems more reliable. Many Ortiz shot a model walking across the road with an RF 85mm lens at f/1.2 and nailed focus on the model's "eye", despite the fact she had very long eyelashes. If you can't nail focus on a subject's eye when the subject is sitting still, then the AF is rubbish. I've never had an issue getting good focus with static subjects, even with the cheapest of cameras and 'just OK' lenses. Hmm, Sony, overrated!

  4. I can't get my Xplor 600 to do that unless I'm in Multi mode. I think I can do that if it's at a lower power too …. hmmmm Not sure. Gotta test it out. I like the video, especially since Tony has been mentioning the technique. I'm assuming since he was at 1.4 that he could get a much faster recycling time. I wonder if it gives a higher accuracy hit rate than eye AF.

  5. Great video. One question which I can't find the answer to. When shooting motorcycle races, where to focus on? Is it the helmet, the motorcycle? I tried many times at the motogp races, but somehow not everything is in focus. The bike is pretty in focused but the helmet of the rider isn't. Please some tip and tricks. Thanks!

  6. I bought your book a few years ago and I am still referring back to it as there is so much information. Its a book that I am recommending to every beginner and to most advanced photographers as well.

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