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Portrait Photo Techniques & Tips! Photo Critique w/ Lindsay Adler (TC LIVE)

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  1. First of all the pictures at time line 1:26 yeah the are nice and it's nice art but, NOT realistic. the model on the left looks like a mannequin, plasic..
    you can't even see the pores on the skin, or even the skin markings..
    nice pretty colors, but that kind of re-touching is ridiculous..
    sorry if this offends people, but i had to say it, because it's true..
    it's way over done in skin smoothing so over done it's not realistic, no one looks like that..
    i mean it's one thing to fix skin blemishes and skin tones but this is way over done the models look like they would be vampires n o skin tones or color at all..
    i mean this would be good in a scifi movie or something if they wanted to portray them as androids or something..

    i mean as i said i'm sorry if lindsey is offended but hey if she likes doing it, then hey why not but, it would have been epic shots if they was not over re-touched like that..
    But this is one mistake that re-touchers do, over doing it..

  2. What an AMAZING artist! The time went by SO FAST! Please bring her back SOON!! She was raining down GOLDEN knowledge for all of us still learning this wonderful art of photography!

  3. Moi Chelsea and Tony.
    Thanks for the inspiring uploads. Some time ago you promised to have a closer look at the ON1 software.
    I am looking forward your honest review. Am I the only one confused about the concept? It looks very interesting alternative anyway. Is it too good to be true?
    I know you are Adobe/Windows users. Anyway, please compare the software features side by side and also the annual costs of them.
    Most of the people don't want to be hooked on to a money trap software monthly to fix some photos every now and then.
    Keep up the great channel. Moi is Hi In Finnish.

  4. 30 minutes is way too short. She was actually giving great commentary and advice!! Unlike other folks like Moose Peterson —> you can't do well unless you don't change ANYTHING and you better have these 14000$ + lenses, cause CROPing is for suckers

    Take that Tony Northcrop 😉

  5. She's an amazing photographer and always came across as really down-to-earth in her CreativeLive sessions. Glad to see she still comes across as humble. The fact that she is always learning and pushing herself, considering the high quality of her work, is inspiring. I'll have to take the time to do an in-person workshop with her. My photo club (in Colchester CT) used to have her do lectures and workshops before she moved to NYC (and before I joined, ack! of course). Thanks Chelsea and Tony for this great interview and critique session.

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