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PhotoExpo 2015: Leica SL, $50,000 Cameras, 135mm f/1.4, Famous Photogs!

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We went to PhotoExpo 2015 in NYC and checked out A TON of awesome camera gear (listed below). We also met up with Matt Granger (http://sdp.io/mg), Toby …


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  1. Hi Tony and Chelsea, enjoyed this video, it was almost like being there, i watched it earlier and then felt like watching it a 2nd time, I don't think I would even consider buying that new Leica, I love that it has a touch screen and two card slots, but i'm wondering who will actually buy this camera because of it's size and weight and lousy grip and worst of all it's over priced, but I would love to own that Phase One, maybe i can do an even exchange for my 5Dlll haha, it's cool to see allot of the youtube photographers all in the same place like one big happy family

  2. You guys actually DROVE there??? May the lord protect you 🙂 I've been to PPE several times and was a passenger in someone's car. That alone was scary enough not to mention the crazy parking fees being charged due to the event.

  3. T & C, Great video! Better than anything else I could find on You-tube. I just wish you guys had time to cover more product. Tony, I love 80's Casio watch displays comment… so, so, true. Keep up the good work power couple.

  4. 2 other Youtubes and yourself have not reviewed Panasonic Lumix GX8 though you had very nice word on GX8 on this video. Is GX8 really very low end of spectrum among mirrorless? You have reviewed Sony A7's and Olympus EM5ii. I am considering GX8

  5. Hi, my name is Marianne and I am a beginner photographer. I'm glad I found your channel since there is a lot of useful stuff here. Today I have a question and I have nobody else to ask so I hope you don't mind. Here's the question: When my camera is in manual mode and my flash is in TTL mode do I still have to manually set the aperture, ISO and shutter speed for ambient light on the camera or the camera is going to take care of it automatically? Thank you very much in advance. I would  really appreciate if you get back to me, Marianne

  6. Oh man, this looks like soooo much fun! I really want to fly to NY next year and attend it, too bad it's such a legal and logistical hassle to reserve hotel rooms as a minor. Why can't I just be 18 already?!

  7. I would love to see you guys implement the Blackmagic 4k studio cameras. I have been considering them, because in my eyes, it's basically a BMPCC with 60fps. Yes, you have to consider getting a monitor of course, and I guess that all depends on how much slow motion means to you. But regardless, Id love to see how that performs in the real world.

  8. For you followers I got to meet Tony and Chelsea while they were walking with Matt. They were as friendly and engaging as you would expect. My highly tuned douche radar never went off.
    As for the expo its odd that such small cubed bluetooth LED lights were so interesting to me also. The 'pixel stick' (not seen here) while expensive was probably the most eyecatching thing at the expo to me.

  9. Big thanks for showing us people ( that are too many countries away from attending shows such as this) get a taste of what it's like to attend a show such as this !
    You made me feel like I was kind of there as well, which is great to come home to watch after a big day's work. It's easy to see why people gravitate towards you pair!
    Awesome work!

  10. In my opinion, as a retired wedding photographer, far too much stress is on equipment. Years ago, when in Germany on holiday, the only kit I had with me was an Olympus Trip 35 and a small flash. I had a spot of trouble with my car and the hotel owner helped me fix it. She happened to mention that she did not have a decent photo of her son. So with my wife holding a white sheet, the small flash and the Trip, using Fuji Reala, I did a shoot of him. The local D &P printed 10 by 12 and as far as I know the photos are still on her walls!

  11. 👏 SO 👏 MUCH 👏 GEAR 👏
    Bowens JetStream ($1,500): http://help.tc/js350
    WhiteWall Prints: http://help.tc/WhiteWall
    Sirui VTJ-1.8 Boom ($750): http://help.tc/vtj18
    LumeCube ($80): http://help.tc/lumecube
    BeastGrip ($80): http://help.tc/beastgrip
    iBlazr2 ($50): http://help.tc/iblazr2
    PhaseOne XF ($40,000+): http://help.tc/xf
    BlackMagic Cameras ($1,000+): http://help.tc/blackmagic
    Panasonic G7 ($800): http://help.tc/g7
    Panasonic GX8 ($1,200): http://help.tc/gx8
    Leica SL ($7,450): http://help.tc/sl
    3D Manaco ($1,000): http://help.tc/manaco
    Chimera RingMaxx (~$5,000): http://help.tc/ringmaxx
    Atomos (Assassin & Shogun, ~$1,300): http://help.tc/atomos
    Pentax 645Z ($7,000): http://help.tc/645z
    Ricoh Theta S ($350): http://help.tc/ThetaS
    Wacom 27QHD ($2,800): http://help.tc/27qhd
    Lomo Petzval ($600-$850): http://help.tc/petzval
    ZY Optics 50mm f/0.95 ($900): http://help.tc/zy50
    ZY Optics 135mm f/1.4 ($3,000): http://help.tc/zy135
    Sony 135mm f/1.8 ($1,800): http://help.tc/s135

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