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Pentax K-S2 Overview Training Tutorial

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A free one-hour tutorial for using your Pentax K-S2 camera! Get the #1 photography book on Amazon http://help.tc/sdpbook INDEX/TABLE OF CONTENTS …


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  1. Really great tutorial – thank you, really. I've ordered ks-2 and i'm going to get it soon, so i'll probably watch this video couple of times. I will also consider your books for sure. Thanks again and take care.

  2. really great appearance and tone! very good tutorial… only the little things are missing. Like Catch-In-Focus…I think that is a special feature you really should talk about or explain it when you show a pentax camera. Because, there is a sheer endless amount of manual lenses available for K-Mount (and also nearly all M42 lenses focus perfectly/to infinity on pentax because the M42 mount cameras had the same flange focal distance as the K-Mount Cameras) and i am pretty sure that nearly every pentax camera(the modern digital slr ones) has this feature(other DSLR producers do not offer that by default… i guess if you own some cheap Canon, you will have to install ML for that…) so it is really something you should talk about when you show off a PENTAX-DSLR…

  3. Loving my KS-2, especially was curious on your lens recommendation, and Tripod. I had a Manfrotto that I loved but it was a bit fiddly, maybe your Dolica might do the trick, plus it isn't too expensive. I am looking closely at that Sigma lens though. The kit lenses are just okay, no surprise there. They work, and if you aren't digging too deep are fine, but I want a great low light lens. Looks like that Sigma is it. Thanks for your great reviews.

  4. Love the looks of this camera, might consider this for recommending to a friend for her teen daughter. I might also consider this as an upgrade from my K50 if they don't come out with an ASP-C body I like more than the K3 and K3II… I think I like this better, with my current lenses I think I would get this with the 18-135 mm kit lens… One thing I love is the weather resistance and having two dials for TAV mode and user modes… Nice features in the lower price range. Would you recommend this to a beginner turning 14 years old? Thanks again for the channel, and I will likely buy your book once I return the copy I am reading to the local library… It's GOOD! Can't wait to get a chance to watch some of the accompanying videos… Keep shining folks, Isaiah

  5. Mad respect to this great tutorial by Mr Northrup. If I may add some lens to your recommendations (given at the end of this vid) the 31mm F1.8 as well as the 77mm F1.8 are 2 of Pentax's best lenses. Definitely worth looking at for upgrades and isn't all that much more expensive than some of the other lenses he mentioned.

  6. Hi Tony Northrup on this video you reviewing PENTAX KS2, I have bought PENTAX KS2 I AM USING IT ON auto mode the pictures absolutely terrible quality on a nice sunny day and light area, the picture very white all blended in, could you tell me please why is that happening? any camera on AUTO mode it should take decent pictures .

  7. I really enjoyed this video. Ive been out of the photography hobby for awhile. Im finally getting a DSLR and cant wait to re-introduce myself to this wonderful world!! I will be purchasing the video books

  8. A good attempt at a tutorial for this camera. However I believe manual focusing on this camera, even though I am still waiting for mine to arrive, has not been correctly covered. I'm using an old Ist DL2 at the moment with old but optically excellent Pentax M lenses. Focus has to be completed manually with these lenses. To assist you the old Ist DL2 has a feature which beeps and flashes in the viewfinder when maximum contrast, best focus, is achieved. I'd be surprised if this feature or similar is not present in the K-S2.

  9. Great tutorial. I've used Pentax SLRs and DSLRs now for close to 20 years and love them. I've had my K-S2 for a few weeks now, and found this helpful. A couple things I would like to add would be that there is also a horizontal level in the viewfinder which I have found helpful. The second thing I would like to add is while the app is not the greatest it does allow you to use your phone as a wireless shutter release. Which I have found very useful when using Bulb mode. It also gives you point to focus. Which allows you to tap a area on the live view on the phone, and it will autofocus to that area. The downside is the WiFi does use more battery power. Thanks again for a great overview.

  10. Thank you very much for this informative film. You clearly have the knack of putting yourself in the shoes of someone who knows very little – a great gift.
    I really am grateful – I come from a previous generation of photographers, so I understand f numbers and shutter speed settings but get totally lost on all the other many settings. Thank you so much. PS Most people on youtube seem to waffle so much – you really seem to understand that fewer words often communicate more. Also – I think it's terrific that Chelsea is named after a London soccer team, but couldn't she have been named after a good South London club? How does Charlton Athletic Northrup, or Crstal Palace FC Northrup sound?

  11. I just received the Pentax K-S2 camera as a gift and my first DSLR. I am familiar with manual shooting still have my Minolta SRT101 but this was an awesome tutorial on digital photography and the features of this camera. Thanks for the info

  12. I would like your help to make my choice. My actual camera is a Sony H-400, and I want to jump to some better. I think tha Pentax cameras are a great choice considering features vs price. Me likes landscapes and macros, and I want to include a telephoto lens. I have made my research but I'm a amateur in this field.

    Suppose that you have a budget of $2500, and its restricted for a purchase a Pentax K-3 II (about $850) and the rest ($1650) is for the lenses. The question is what lenses to buy. This is my list:

    For macro phtography:
    – Pentax smc D-FA 100mm F2.8 Macro WR (about $540.00 on amazon)
    Note: In my opinion this lens satisfies myself, but I'm open to your suggestions

    For landscapes:
    – Pentax DA 10 – 17 mm FISH EYE F3.5 – 4.5 (about $400.00 on amazon)
    – Pentax DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited (about $500.00 on amazon)
    – Pentax HD DA 21mm F3.2 AL Limited (about $600.00 on amazon)
    Note: Neither of these three lenses is weather sealed (I'm interested in any that has this feature)
    – Your suggestions

    For telephoto:
    – Pentax HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mm F4.5-6.3 ED PLM WR RE (about $400.00 on amazon)
    – Pentax DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6ED AL IF DC WR (about $340.00 on amazon)
    Note: My Sony H-400, has a 4,4 – 277 mm with F3.4 – 6.5, and has a Zoom of 63x, I'm interested in a lens that has a great magnification and it's max cost could be about $600 (of course if this hypotethical lens exist)
    – Your suggestions

    I apreciate your help, thanks a lot and apologize me if I made a mistake about the lenses.

  13. I like all your tutorials, I'm looking at the D5300, T6s, and K-S2. There all nice, with the K-S2 when you use live view will the shutter lock open or does it still actuates? ? I'm concern about it shutter noise. Wanted to make it silent in case I'm very close to wildlife.

  14. Great video, I just bought a T6, not the I or S so very basic, I have been enjoying taking pictures again (K-m was disappointing but I have six lens from my Pentax film and digital camera). I am not sure if I should get a better Canon or buy this DSLR. I like going for walks and taking pictures of trees, flowers, old buildings and architecture and some portraits, occasionally the kids playing. I know it isn't enough info and I don't want to start a war. It is very hard to make a recommendation without all the info. spent many hours watching your videos. Thanks for doing them and sharing your passion for photography. I use linux will you light room books be helpful?

  15. You have nothing in your table of contents about "K" mount lens usage!  Everybody including blind persons can take a picture with a digital camera with an auto focus lens…Now how about a totally manual lens?  HELP!

  16. New to the photography world here, thank you for putting out all this info!! Question on lenses (and a total Noob question)-are there any suggestions for lenses for landscape? I felt the lens portion of the video was more targeted to portrait shots. I'll be in southern CA for a month, deserts, mountains, sky and moving water shot specifically, wondering what's my best options with out getting over loaded. Thank you!!

  17. New to photography, I have your Digital Photography book, and been watching hours of your channel. This video was very helpful for my K-30. You and Chelsea are great! Thank you!

  18. Brilliantly clear guide to this camera's many functions. It has transformed my relationship with my camera. So much more useful than the ghastly "user" manual. Every camera should have one. Many thanks Tony.

  19. When you are demonstrating aperture priority, as you increase aperture size ISO is decreasing instead of shutter speed getting faster. Is that because that's the way you have it set up? Wouldn't you normally want shutter speed to change inversely to aperture when you change aperture and ISO to change only if you want it to when shutter speed would have to go slower than 1/60?At 16:32 when you are changing, slowing, shutter speed ISO stays at 100 and aperture increases. When you go back to the camera at 16:43 ISO is now 200.  Why did ISO change when before it was staying at 100?  Anyway, Pentax manual seems very deficient in explain these different exposure modes. It tells you Av mode you can change the aperture, Tv mode you can change the shutter speed, etc. but doesn't what is changing to compensate or if you can choose what changes to compensate.

  20. I've loved watching this video for two reasons, 1 thinking of buying the Pentax and 2 even though I have a Canon DSLR, this video has actually taught me a lot about the settings on my Canon and how to use them. Brilliant, thanks Tony.

  21. Tiny Room Studio ~ USB is fine for those little point & shoots? But, a Separate Battery Charger is what all Pro's want for their cameras. So you can use the camera with a spare battery while your other battery is charging up. I carry extra charged batteries for an all day shoot!

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