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Pentax K-1 & K-1 Mk II Overview Tutorial

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  1. did you say that the Tamron g2 24-70mm f2.8 was NOT a durable lens and that you broke several quite easily? please respond!

    did you say that the Tamron g2 24-70mm f2.8 was NOT a durable lens and that you broke several quite easily in the previous preview? please respond!

  2. Thanks for the superb tutorial. Having tried to follow the Pentax user guide I have found this video so informative, easy to follow and just at the right pace. It certainly influenced my decison to upgrade to the K-1. Excellent and have learnt quite a few things having previously owned several 35 mm film Pentax cameras in the distant past. Alan

  3. Hi Tony, can you make a video on cheaper alternative lenses for the Pentax k1. I hear there are alot of legacy Full frame pentax lenses but i'm confused about the compatibility. i'm looking for cheap fast lenses like a nifty fifty.

  4. Awesome video! Did you cover setting a custom white balance? I am shooting IR and I want to set my white balance using the green grass in my vicinity. I'm just not sure how.

  5. REALLY appreciate the time and effort you put into this!!
    My Nikon D5300 turned over 182k on the Shutter Count today, in less than 4 years. "In a perfect world…" it'd be nice to go full frame. My last "full frame" camera was also a Pentax…ME Super. I've got a soft spot (and a Tokina 35-70 zoom from the ME Super!) for Pentax. Financial realities may well push me to a K-3 or another Nikon, maybe a D7200 or a D5500. (Nothing about the D5600 that would prompt me to spend more.)
    Definitely appreciate the lens suggestions too! It's very helpful to know, exactly, "who" makes the lens so I can save a little $$ there.
    Many, many thanks! Looking forward to your hands-on review of the K-1 Mk2 when it comes out! I've heard of one person who says they saw a demo' of the "improved" PixelShift feature and said it appeared to work as advertised.
    Now…if I could just find a Pentax dealer in the south-central Pa. area, just for my own "how does it feel in my hands?" test. Happy to order something through your online shop.

  6. Thanks for the great work… I got tired of the same opinionated, sarcastic, and inaccurate crap about this camera. I like the full length clinic and the other one great information..

  7. Excellent!!! Very clear, easy to use (quick look through is easy thanks to the board in the bacground). All I can say is "Congratulations", this is the best tutorial I've found for the K1.

  8. This quality video has only got 71000 views after 3 years! shown the fact of how unpopular pentax is. Should this a canon/nikon review I bet it would gather millions.

  9. Awesome video. I wonder if there's any way to shoot a smaller sized RAW file like some Canon models allow? I love the looks of this camera, but I don't like the idea of having to store 36 MP of image data for every single image I take.

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