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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 Review Video by DigitalRev

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Brought to you by www.digitalrev.com Micro FourThirds is definitely here to stay. With cameras like the Panasonic Lumix GF1(http://bit.ly/PanaGF1), superb …


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  1. @ithree6mafia

    The hell is that supposed to mean? Just because it's not a DSLR that is as hulking-large as an EOS-1D, doesn't mean you won't be able to take good pictures — or even enjoy taking pictures, for that matter. If you're worried about looking professional, or even BEING a professional, you wouldn't be considering this camera, and you probably won't even be shopping in this price range, would you?

  2. @sirtechy I heard its gonna be $700 at launch in US… To be honest the GF2 still image quality ain't really any better than GF1 (same sensor) you can get for $599 on Amazon now… The GF2 really is designed for people wanting higher quality P & S. Its a more redefined Nikon Coolpix you see in the commercials. I think I'm gonna pass on LX5 and either get the GF1 with better battery life or the new Fuji x100 coming soon. Also the GF1 20mm is way better than the 14mm on the GF2…

  3. Gosh, it's crazy to see how much DigitalRev has changed. From just to normal POV unboxings and reviews to taking the new camera out on the streets and making a funny and very entertaining review.

  4. these 4/3s have extremely good image quality. I know for a fact this kicks the ass of my old D80 specially in low light. If you dont need all the manual controls from a DSLR, 4/3s are great for practical everyday use (and by that that would facebook photos most of the time).

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