Home Photography Our crazy $5,000 vlogging camera rig (2019)

Our crazy $5,000 vlogging camera rig (2019)

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  1. To be honest, for youtube you don't need 4K and no need for L lens because ppl can't tell anyway. it is not a photo that you blow up to poster size. so to lower cost, use RP and non-L lens is good enough. Lighting is important though. Love your hint on the mic setup. I have the L lens but to me they are more for photos. USM is not as smooth focus and silent as STM lens for video.

  2. why not M50 + speedbooster? The video file would be smaller, and for youtube that's probably sufficient. For R, sure, it's a step up from M50 in every direction, not so sure about the RP though. I tested RP against the M50 in the stores and found M50 actually focus faster than the RP in 1080P.

  3. LOL, not a 12 foot extension a 12in extension. Suggestion: I'm sure you know that there's more pressure exerted on the hot shoe on the camera because of the weight of the microphone and the 12in extension. You can get rid of some of that weight on the extension if you drill some holes in it. It will lighten it up a bit and take less pressure off the hot shoe. I enjoyed the video also. 🐢📷🐢📷🐢📷

  4. I do have a complaint about the lighting. You look extremely yellow compared to the background. Perhaps a different color temperature version of the Aputure light may be in order, to match sunlight?

  5. cool. It's kinda sad you need to justify the expense. I shoot for work and try not to justify the expensive equipment to non pros that don't rely on it for their bread and butter. I also like aputure. It's a nice middle of the road brand.

  6. Funny how everyone uses a shotgun for vlogging. I use a simple 20 dollar wired lavalier. Sounds much better because it's closer. It has a nice long wire too if I need a little distance. Use it with the canon m50 and it sounds great. Just bought a sony a6400. It's alright, but still prefer the m50 for its ease of use

  7. All camera is to exapensive to me even Canon 80d Exspensive too That Just A Body, What about the lens ? Ridiculous, Im very interest with it but i also dont want to spent that amount of money in to it, wtf

  8. How about Canon EOS M50 and 22mm f2 lens OR 24mm 1.4 lens and adapter, the one you mentioned above. I'ts probably twice as cheaper than Canon EOS R and it's a way lighter. $650 camera +$220 lens +$100 used eos-m adapter

  9. No thanks.
    I use the GH5 with the Laowa 7.5mm f2 and shoot in HLG . Its not that hard to use manual focus. But frankly, I rarely do this unless I want that walk around look. I normally use a tripod and my 12-60 lens with a tablet. I like to set up my shots with a decent background and not blow out the background. Shallow DOF is for the lazy/cant control your background compositions. I try to aim for higher production vlogs over the cheap quick and easy YouTubers style. But to each their own.

  10. I found the Lumix FZ1000 to be a good low entry vlogging camera, at least beginners won't need to worry about extra lenses as it's a bridge camera. The 4K is ok, but I generally film in 1080p. You can attach an external microphone but there's no headphone port (although beginners might not be bothered about that either). The biggest problem is the noisy lens, however a shotgun microphone with one of your extensions would probably eliminate that, and sometimes I just overlay the footage with music anyway.

  11. Not sure if it was recommended here yet- but the Switch Pod that’s on Kickstarter right now seems like a pretty great replacement to your gorilla pod/befree combo.

    It folds down and angles out for vlogging specifically then the legs unfold with a quick jerk of the arm to become a tripod. Can’t adjust height but it sounds like a good option for most situations.

  12. This seems like a cumbersome route just to get FF 1.4 vs APS-C 1.4 with the Sony a6400 + Sigma 16mm 1.4. And you'd still get plenty of background blur since the subject (you) is so close to the camera. The tradeoffs are tremendous. The Sony setup would weigh far less and shoots 4k without that ridiculous 1.7 crop while retaining really good face and eye detect AF.

  13. Kudos for your technical ability and creativity! I'd personally pick this rig if I wanted to do what you're doing: Sony a6400 w/Sigma 16mm f/1.4, Rode VideoMicro on cold shoe extension, and two Aputure Amaran AL-MW mini LED COB lights, one on each side of the camera. I've used every Aputure light and it's easily my favorite. My rig suggestion would weigh less than half of yours and be better in nearly every way. No recording limit, 4K, awesome tracking, great color, lighter, cheaper, and so on.OK, the grip would be worse, but I see you aren't holding the grip.

  14. Honestly if this works for you, more power to ya. The EOS R is a great camera however,I am a little biased towards Sony

    But I just constantly think of how much this weighs!

    The 6400 with the Sigma 16mm performs so close to native glass you can't tell the difference. I don't vlog, but my take would be:

    Sigma 16mm f/1.4
    small rig mic bracket
    whatever mic you use now
    and the gorilla pod.

  15. Hi Tony, Why not use the Canon 6D mark II for Vlog? It is full frame and have flip screen, I saw the video you made about 6DM2, and I liked it very much. Please let me know your thoughts . Thanks!

  16. Can you explain why after all the shit you threw on the Canon Eos R, do you buy it for your production? The lack of reliability of your tests and of course your little honesty is demonstrated. It seems that depending on who fills your pockets, you say one thing or another.

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