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Olympus Tough TG-Tracker Hands-on First Impression

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Lok and Hannah have way too much fun at Ocean Park for their own good. The only thing that can dampen their spirits? Water. [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/1stIMPS …


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  1. just watching more now. the video editing is better than some movies one sees these days.
    from a fan of you guys, i'd like to suggest you do more vids involving the ppl on screen and what their daily is like. non invasive of course. best. j. from oz.

  2. im not too familiar with gopros but my understanding is that this olympus has 5 axis stabilization while gopros do not. ( im not sure if that was covered in the video or not) also for those who are looking strictly for an underwater cam the built in led is a plus, the auto white balance is a plus for underwater, and simply ready to play with right out of the box while with a go pro you need the additional accessories. i think this is an overall good camera, it has its strengths i do like the fact its 5 axis image stabilized and it is aimed for water sports specifically.

  3. So I guess the audio from the camera was only on the water-slide ? Because other than that is seems they are using their lavalier mic or something else. Also no one talked about the battery life with different settings; that you can;t replace it, and the worst thing is that lcd is always facing outwards, and only opens one side. What about scratching?? same goes for the camera lens. they can be replaced? there is no cover to put on when not using it? Other than that, it seems like a great action cam, and can rival with GoPro.
    So we have:
    GoPro 5
    Olympus TG-Tracker
    Sony fdr-x1000v
    GoPro 4 Silver
    Xiaomi YI 2 4K
    SJCAM SJ5000X Elite
    Choices, choices, choices….

  4. Reviews where they switch back and forth between footage from the camera and footage from their regular camera are so difficult to follow sometimes…

  5. It is another GoPro, its just more fancy looking. The best action camera is the 36 dollar one from ebay. It's cheap and it can do exactly the same thing as gopro so why even buy a gopro?

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