Home Photography Olympus E-M5 II High-Res Review: 40 megapixels for $1,100 (vs D810)

Olympus E-M5 II High-Res Review: 40 megapixels for $1,100 (vs D810)

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Chelsea & I test the new Olympus to see if the “40 megapixels” claim is a gimmick… or if the world’s best still-life camera is 1/3 the price of the Nikon D810.


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  1. 1.  The P12-35 is sharper at 35 than 12, conversely the 12-40 is sharper at 12, and is auto corrected for chromatic aberration.  If you are going to shoot wide-angle with a zoom the 12-40 is the smart choice.  Sensational statements like Oly's glass is bad when you aren't even using it really does nothing for the credibility of the review.

  2. As always, nice videos. Let's be clear, Olympus never made this camera out to be a direct competitor to a Full Frame pro level camera. C'mon, no one thinks this. Keep it real. Cheers. 

  3. @Tony Northrup I am a hybrid video/stills guy currently using a Gh4. I get good stills (mostly portraits and landscapes)  from the GH4 but am looking for more. Considered going to the a7ii or a7r, but am currently heavily invested in M43 glass (including my lovely 42.5 Nocitcron. Should I sell some of my glass and invest in a new platform, or is there a possibility that Olympus will greatly improve the usability of the 40mp high res mode either via a firmware update or in the Em-1 ii to make it faster so i could possibly use it for portraits ?

  4. Thanks for the great videos. Chelsea is making it even better! …. This seem to be a game changer. I have always been disappointed with Canon with the real ground breaking technology for the price. Sony, Samsung and now Olympus are showing something real, while Canon is only rehashing their technologies. You really get the feeling they are just withholding stuff for the next model. One top reason for me to want to get the 5Ds/r is for product photography. Landscape photographers can rely on using image stitching to get the ultimate resolution. Not that hard to find a good low distortion prime lens, even vintage Zeiss etc, find the nodal point, and assemble a perfect stitch. But this Olympus may be able to do the trick for product photography at less than 1/3 the price. Not to mention the image stabilization. Imaging how good/useful the Canon 85mm f1.2 can be shot with image stabilization. Do you think Canon will ever put image stabilization on their bodies? Nah……  Oh by the way, Nikon is not that much better either…..

  5. Hey tony and chelsea, I've noticed the tripod mount your using is a Manfrotto brand but i'm trying to determine what specific kind it is? If anyone else knows please feel free to comment, mostly appreciated!

  6. "If Olympus really wants a part of the market for high quality imaging they're gonna need to produce better lenses too, glass matters" As you stated, you're not using Olympus glass but if the test is being done with Panasonic glass, the request for better glass should be directed towards Panasonic. Would of loved to have seen the results using Olympus glass. I believe, Olympus bodies apply some corrections when Olympus glass is attached to their bodies, those corrections not being applied to other manufacturers glass.

  7. mr.tony in DXOMARK this E-M5 II camera only got 73 overal score poin,even this camera more lower then my old camera Nikon D7000 got 80 poin in overal sensor quality,so explain me all DXOMARK are true?or real test more relevant?

  8. Olympus needs to produce high quality glass?  I think you need to better inform yourselves as to the available Olympus/Panasonic lens lineup and how they work before making ridiculous comments like that.  You may want to do a little fact checking before publishing your videos.  If you had, you would have realized how silly that comment was when considering that Olympus bodies do not automatically correct for chromatic aberration resulting from Panasonic lenses.

  9. As to the weird artifacts on the statute, since it was a static object, they probably resulted from the default in-camera settings which would render a mixture of high contrast/sharpening, Normal to High Gradation (dynamic range control), and/or shadow highlight tonal curve.  Next time try dialing down the sharpening to -2 and contrast to -1 or -2 in the selected Picture Mode.  Set Gradation in the super control panel to "Low" and be sure that the Highlight and Shadow control is set to default (0,0).

  10. nice video, could you also review the grip/battery unit and flash for this setup; as most of us (with big hands, or shooting in portrait  orientation) would be using it in this configuration and as this makes it bigger; whether this is a good thing (getting a small camera and adding a grip)- especially price wise.

  11. hello mr. Northrup, might be a stupid question I am a digital beginner. As you emphasized the sensitivity in that studio product shoot set up: isn't there something like a wireless remote shutter release available? If not, that would surprise me. I am asking because I like this high res feature (I shoot stills of motionless objects on beaches, in particular shells yet also  dead fish, turtles and what else, that got landed). and thank you for your reviews and in particular tutorials, very instructive for a 61year old beginner in digital. Your tempo is not too high 🙂

  12. Having come from a background in large format cameras, I still wonder why so many cameras make such a big deal about mega pixels.. Having owned both a Mk1 and a Mk2, I have not bothered with the so called 40MP option.. because if you know how to a take a real photo in a JPEG, you will get the quality you need without having to rely on a RAW file and Photoshop.

    Way too many people these days are lost without a computer and yet I am able to produce A0 size prints using the best standard setting on this camera and the results are impressive.. and at a smaller A1 size the results are stunning.. so I would always encourage people to learn how to interpretate light, get a grip with their exposure and save them selves loads of money and time

  13. About the CA from the Panasonic lens, I believe that Olympus bodies don't support automatic correction of CA, vignetting and distortion like they do for Olympus lenses. Vice versa for Olympus lenses on Panasonic bodies. Also, did you switch OIS off on the lens? It's possible the artifacts were caused by the lens compensating for tiny movements in the tripod in the outdoor, public environment.

  14. I loved all of your camera reviews, I've watched your review of the Olympus OMD EM10 and you rated as your favor travel camera, you also mention some of the faults, I know Olympus updated with the mk ii version. Can you have a review on that camera as I'm in the market and can't decide on Sony a6100 or Olympus OMD EM10 mk ii. Thank you in advance.

  15. Hi, im interested in this camera, i currently have a nikon d5300, i need to produce very large detailed photos, will the d5300 do the job or the olympus? The d5300 has 24mp to olympus's 40, does this matter?

  16. On the studio pack shots, why didn't you trigger the shutter release from your smartphone or use the timer, rather than inducing shake by pressing the shutter button?

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