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Olympus DYING + Animal Photo Reviews – Chelsea & Tony LIVE!

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  1. Pixel 3 XL night sight proved to be way over-hyped once we actually got our hands on the device. A 4 year old Oly EM-5 MkII can easily do a better job in the hands of a half-decent amateur photographer.
    There's even more hype around the Pixel 4's "massively improved" night sight, live HDR+ and astrophotography modes, but I do wonder how well that will really hold up under scrutiny.

  2. There are some glorious micro four third lenses but oh, how much has Olympus shot themselves in the foot with dated sensors. My relationship with Olympus Micro Four Thirds goes back to the original Pen E-P1 and OM-D E-M5. The E-M1x is a brilliant camera but far too expensive and does not capitalise on the benefits of Micro Four Thirds. Basically far too specialised for too small a target audience. There is so much great about Olympus cameras and Micro Four Thirds but Olympus has not kept up with the market which is why its sales are in such a slide.

  3. Perhaps, just perhaps, this option may save Olympus.

    Back in the late 1970’s Olympus made a full-frame camera in a body roughly the size of the OMD-1. The lenses off that camera fit today’s Panasonic and Olympus micro 4/3 cameras. So why not modify the OMD-1 to take a 24 mp full-frame sensor. It would make a great travel camera with lightweight lenses to match.

  4. Olympus fanboys can’t face the reality that the company is already losing money in a shrinking market. Buy and enjoy your Olympus cameras but the writing is on the wall. Nobody can keep losing money like that.

  5. Punching down again are we? Keep using your arm sized telephotos that cost as much as a used Bentley and your shaky image stabilization that requires that you bring a tripod everywhere you go. Olympus continues to advance, while its you who have become dinosaurs still stuck in your NikoCanon Tar Pit. Also… thanks for giving Olympus a boost in helping the sales for the holidays. Nothing like spreading rumors for the sake of a few bucks.

  6. Anybody seen a clickbaity video about this channel entitled "Tony & Chelsea's Photog Channel Dying" (notice the absence of even a question mark) just because they seem to be shifting their own business strategy towards spreading FUD, thereby hurting the photography industry and ultimately us as users of their products (think fewer choices, higher prices)? This time they target Olympus, and a similarly reckless video about Nikon is already up, too. I suppose Ricoh Imaging (responsible for Pentax gear) is going to be next. And people gobble up this BS like potato chips and prepare for their endless forum wars. This is just despicable, and it has zero to do with furthering photography.

  7. There are only 2 tipes of person that can say that phones take better pictures than a m43 cameras. 1 people who don't know anything about photography. 2 people who are m43 haters. I think you are both!

  8. Olympus: the ONLY folks that REALLY know are the CFO and other CxOs and maybe some key investors (who may short-sell). Just another suit-led débâcle (i.e. I bet the suits didn't listen to engineering/marketing).

  9. Since we are talking about rumous… Nikon is even worse than Olympus but i don't see anyone mention it… And every company had big loses, it's the market shrinking, manufaturers must adapt.

  10. Tony and Chelsea are right. Lots of negative comments here… This is called "Legacy Problem". The new Iphone takes better pictures, it is easier to handle and has better software capabilities with the exception of extreme low light conditions. People has a hard time to let go their long acquired customs. You could find the same comments when digital cameras overtook film… But the collective knowledge is infallible, therefore the predictable drop in sales.

  11. The most important thing you provide is photography education. I have found that I can rely on your videos for information on how to improve and look at my own photographs more critically. BUT. Please stop trying to suggest that other photographic formats, products, and manufacturers don't have a place in art and the production of photographs. If we are out making photographs on film cameras of "dead" companies, it doesn't make those photographs or art less important/useful/personally rewarding. Suggesting that using a camera in a company that is struggling should be part of our decision making process in pursuing art is to ignore the fact that all photographers are pursuing a personal vision that is not connected to the materials they use and should not be judged on the equipment that they are able to afford or have chosen. I respect that you need to pursue your financial goals, but I would hope that you have the integrity to understand the role your titles, editorial comments, and influence have on making the conversation about equipment and not about the role of photography to become a means for people to express themselves and how they can best execute that expression.

    And yes I shoot olympus and yes I value critical examination of equipment, but I have come to reallize that it really is about getting out there and shooting and if you are worried about more equipment, better equipment, more megapixels you are not worried about improving as an "artist" and learning about improving you photographic "vision"–whatever that means.

  12. You are kidding right? Sony across all lines from aps-c to FF only puts out video with low bit rates for literally YEARS AND YEARS … Olympus just releases a camera that shoots over 200 mBit video on BOTH 4K and 1080 at 120p with great af and best ibis and you think they arent doing R&D? geez Canon releases a 4K camera that is basically m43 when it comes to video with no ibis and you think they are doing wonders? Nikon releases a camera at almost 2K with a single card slot and you think they are doing great r&D- literally the ONLY companies innovating these days are panasonic, Olympus and Blackmagic when you look at the video side.

  13. The only way to survive is to apply computational power used by smartphones into their cameras. Imagine how impressive smartphones' pictures or videos were if they had FF/M43 sensors and and top lenses.

  14. Hi there Chelsea and Tony – I agree don’t mess with the tax people. Lovely photos. Regarding Olympus, I think they will be around in the future. They develop a lot of products in the medical and photography fields. Have you seen the Olympus roadmap for new Olympus Lenses coming up?
    Best wishes

  15. To these two clowns, nikon and olympus are dying . They don't realize everyone and everything has an end. They post these controversial videos to get more views, so they can get paid. They need the money to pay for Madeline college, i guess.

  16. My hunch is that it is indeed rumors. For the same reason I think Nikon dying is a rumor. Namely, the fact that both companies are still actively producing new glass and cameras to this very day. Normally, when a company is badly floundering, they are trying to cash in as much as possible, and developing new bodies with new technology, as well as new glass, is the front loaded costly, with profitability only coming later once that gear being already on the market and mass produced. So a company (or division) that's collapsing would stop developing new gear and instead bank on sales from existing gear to produce as much income as possible before people catch on. If they researched a bunch of new gear and then released a statement saying no more, no one would buy the new gear, which would turn into a massive loss. But again, that's a hunch. Guess we'll find out soon.

    EDIT: Seems Canon also is having serious sales problems according to an article posted this month. In fact, seems to be a trend for all digital photography companies since smart phones these days take pretty decent photos and way less people are buying dedicated photography gear. But that makes sense … the consumer market is very much drying out, leaving sales for enthusiasts and professionals looking for great quality and the customization options not available on smart phones.

  17. I find it funny how you said m4/3s is dying and then boom Sharp has announced it is coming out with a m4/3s 8k camera. The other thing is my wife and I both shot Canon 7D's with pro glass, we both just jumped it Olympus m1 mk2s and the image quality keeps up to the 7d mk2s. So they are getting new customers as I also see the wild life forums starting to fill up with olympus users. And for the record I had the EOS R for about a day and took it back, it just wasnt great.
    I wondered why you were considered crap in most photography forums, I wonder no more. You just havent got anything right.

  18. Yeah but Tony!! New York is a liberal state. Correct? And we know that California is the worst example of possibly the most poorly run State in the U.S. with the worst TAXES in the country, because of the Liberal Idiots who run the California State government. And because they are RUINING California, ‘into the Ground’, People AND Businesses have been and continue to DESERT California to more Tax-Advantaged neighboring States like Arizona, Nevada, etc. and even to Texas. (AND there and numerous videos right here on YouTube to describe and explain clearly this tragedy and Crisis (also based on the Homeless Crisis, Illegal Aliens, and bubonic plague outbreak!!!))

    So the BIG QUESTION is …Is the New York government as INCOMPETENT, and as desperate for MONEY as the California government is, (cause this main issue with B&H looks similar to the Tax Money GRABS, the government in California have pulled off) and are the Liberals with policies FAILING in N.Y., just like in California??

    BECAUSE IF THIS IS TRUE…. Thousands of US are going to Encourage Good Ol’ B&H to take their Business and Employees and LEAVE to a more Business Friendly States, and say SCREW YOU to New York!!!. Because we LOVE B&H more than all those Stuck-Up New Yorkers. We can live Without New York, but we Have to Have our Camera Equipment (and other Electronics and stuff) We HAVE TO!!!

  19. I guess I don't understand what all those supposed "Full Frame" camera guys are going on about. All a full frame sensor does is push around the same finite level of light. On a micro 4/3s sensor the light is much more of a concentrated, dominating force.

    God bless.

  20. Olympus is a market leader in medical imaging an as such they need an own camera system as a strategic product, even if this doesnt generate profit.

    If they get a new generation sensor the disadvantage against APS-C will vanish, because the size is not too different.
    However, I believe they should create 4/4 instead of 4/3 MFT, this means a MFF sensor, and obsolete those vertical grips. More megapixels and increased cropping possibilities, combined with ultrasharp MFT lenses. This could be a revolution! 😉

  21. Olympus camera business has a habit of dying, and it did after the OM4, and then after the E-5, and now it looks like they are heading that way again. You are totally correct that they did not bother to update their sensors or improve sensor performance for a ridiculous long time, which is a major reason for Olympus users not upgrading their cameras, if not moving to other systems. Fact – It took them nearly 4 years to upgrade from 12MP sensors to 16MP (E-M5 in 2012). It took another 4 years for them to get the 20MP sensor (PEN-F in 2016), being the last to do so among its competitors, even later than some 1-inch cameras and phone cameras. It is close to but not quite 4 years since the last sensor update, so the brand new E-M5 III is still using 20MP sensors with virtually the same sensor performance. Even today, they still do not have BSI sensors, which have been used for years by cameras large and small. By ignoring such a fundamental need in a camera, sensor performance, while continually pricing its products higher than competitors (like the $2000 for the E-M1 II in 2016 and now the $1200 E-M5 III), Olympus can only sell to those stuck in their system, i.e. those who have bought too many of their expensive lenses.

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