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NX1 Overview Training Tutorial

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  1. I just recently bought the NX500 (upgraded from a NX100) so this video should still be somewhat applicable since the NX500 is the NX1's little brother, especially since the NX500 just got a firmware update that addresses some of it's shortcomings.

  2. the first time i used the nx1 was to record my brother playing a classical guitar recital can you believe it no matter where you put the gain it was on auto giving it the sound of the amps looking for sound in between each pluck of the string     could not believe that such a error could be made  samsung have at last given me the best gift a film maker can have manual sound with no gain hiss  if you ever record drums or any hard sharp sounds the recording will hump you might not know whats wrong there is no hiss it just sounds strange the Greatest asset to my filming was the attenuating button on my canon film camera filming drum n bass hardcore one fraction of overload spoils the whole video  also making rave films for the last 30 yrs a slow shutter speed was the only way to give the effect of having a couple of ees  would you believe i filmed the  PRODIGY 25 yrs ago canon exhi 1  footage perfect most important sound perfect now i can film like it with nx1  garry

  3. Hi @Tony Northrup , are you planning to do the NX500 review? Would love to see your thoughts on the camera, since it seems like a strong contender for the a6000.

  4. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for this tutorial. I have a question though. IM very new to photography and currently use a compact Sony NEX 5N and want to upgrade. Would this Samsung NX1 be an ideal camera or can you recommend a less expensive make/model? I know some of Samsung's in the past were Pentax models with a different badge, which was often a little cheaper on the high-street. Can you make a recommendation for a novice wanting to own there first full frame DSLR but still get fantastic results.

  5. Hi Tony,

    Excellent tutorial!
    I'm loving the NX1 and Samsung has been very active in firmware updates, now at 1.40
    They seem to be committed to this camera.

    Thanks for your contributions to the knowledge base.
    Great presentation!
    Very helpful! I'm buying your book too.

  6. Hi Tony! I don't want to sound silly… but there will be a tutorial about the Samsung NX500? I see that a lot of people (like me) are buying this camera to learn the basics of photography. Thank you in advance! =]

  7. On my Samsung NX500 I set the auto iso not to go above 800 for night, and 200 for day time shots, with 400 at either sunrise, or sunset. Anything over 1600 causes too much grain when zooming in for small detail correction in Element 14, and Corel Paint Shop 7.

  8. Hey Tony, great vid! With the interval timer, is there a way to turn the LCD screen off while it shoots an timelapse? In shooting long timelapses, the LCD screen drains the battery. Would be great if there was a way to turn it off. Thanks for your response!

  9. Hi Tony, I just bought the NX1. I'm finding it hard to find any type of on camera control accessories to do portraits in a studio setting. Samsung has a cable release, but not any type of external flash units to control studio lighting from the camera. I love the camera, but I'm getting a little concerned on the limitations that I'm up against. Thanks for any info on this.

  10. I just bought one, can't wait for it to arrive, I already have the Galaxy NX, which is awesome, this is gonna be great too, I know – 2 camera video set up will rock!!

  11. so much detail and great tips here! I just bought one of these cameras (second hand) and it's great.. even after 4 years it's still got some great features! thanks so much for this!

  12. Pentax is only an old camera company in Japan, after losing in competition with Sony / Canon / Nikon / Panasonic / Kodak, sold to Samsung, but no What is the accumulation and strength of digital technology, right, this Ke Where is it? How did it go bankrupt? Samsung's product names are imitating companies such as SONY and Apple, such as the model/phone S1-S8-XS of the TV. This NX1 is Sony's micro-SLR code, and its shape is almost the same as that of the Panasonic GH series, but Samsung does not produce CCD. /CMOS CNC machine tools and machine tools for the production of CNC machine tools and their material processing technology and machine tools, this is a complete industry, from lens to CCD / CMOS / – image processor – smart lithium-ion battery – professional software – Professional RGB display, etc.

  13. no lie!! you came through with this video on the #samsungnx1 .. this camera was/is slept on for its price!! your tips on this video made some dope music videos👌🏽check them out on my page.. ✊🏽 also shoot me a solid & #subscribe to my page!!
    appreciate you either way!!👁🙏🏽 💯

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