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NIKON eye-AF Update! Landscape photo review: TC LIVE

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  1. Just want to tell you guys that I love this show!!! Maybe it is not the most watched videos of yours and some times you even struggle with sponsor for this series. But man, it's pure blessing to watch. There're too much gear talk out there. Sometimes it makes me feel that talking about photography equals talking about gears. This is profoundly depressing for me as a photographer (And I consider myself a gear head man, it's still too much). It's like oxygen for the brain to watch your comments on actual photos!

  2. "What you could do is write Peter Lik in the corner and sell it for a million bucks." False! You would need to composite a big, unrealistic moon into the photo first, claim it was shot that way, THEN sell it as a Peter Lik for a million bucks.

  3. I see aggressive cropping as a bad habit, particularly for beginners. Obviously there are moments to be using it for small adjustments, but a good photographer shooting off a tripod probably shouldn't be habitually using crop to make new compositions or "save" a shot. If this is the case it probably means a need to reassess shooting technique. Not to mention you're losing pixels whenever you crop.

  4. Got my first pick at 46:25! Glad you guys liked it. Utah is an incredible state (probably my favorite, even as a native Texan 😬). The storm was to the west of my vantage point and the golden hour light with the long exposure made it pretty neat, I think.

  5. Thanks for the pick @42:29. I saw the notification email Thursday and instantly had a feeling you were gonna like this one~ Please check my ins: henryjlandscape for more landscape photos.

  6. Dear friends, do you have small kids? Small Grand children? (yes I am aware of the contradiction of small-grand 🙂

    They move so fast; they are more difficult to shoot portraits than getting an eye sharp of a bird.

    This should be the ultimate test subject for quick autofocus.

  7. You’re already trashing Nikon’s new eye auto focus. Shame on you. You haven’t even tested it yet and you’re already calling it a deal breaker. Can’t wait to hear you two screwballs in your full review of it. What a couple of Jackasses you are! The more you two crap on the Nikon Z’s the further you’re opinions tumble down the crapper!

  8. Hi Tony, can you make a video only about camera sensors technology? Explain what technologies are used by different manufactures. I am interested in comparison between BSI and FSI. Should all modern cameras have a BSI sensors? In many camera reviews you talk about sensors but it would be nice to have a whole video dedicated to this subject (including ILC, compact cameras and latest mobile phones). We all know that camera sensors are getting better all the time but how it is done and what can we expect in the nearest future regarding the image quality. Regards, Dawid

  9. Hi Tony & Chelsea. Have a question regarding your photo review sessions and the 'fair use' phrase. Are you concerned at all about getting 'de-monetized' – as I have heard a few sites getting hit. I have a large following on Facebook of users who share there fish catches. I want to do a weekly blog about the users and their fish catches. This would mean showing users photos. Do you think this is an issue? Your input greatly appreciated. Martin

  10. Chelsea–You like the floating tree? Then you will enjoy the works of Jerry Uelsmann who taught me darkroom technique at UoF in the late seventies. A master of multiple images done san computer. Imagine a series of enlargers stretching to the horizon…

  11. Now Nikon gets spot on the eye. Just never mind the rest – as long as the eyes are in focus. Nikon recalls the Z series. My you have big eyebrow. Interesting pictures; great show. 👍

  12. Pretty sure me & Chelsea could write a song together … I typically sing myself through my day but only jot some of it down…lol! I always love her singing her way through a podcast and this was a good one:)

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