Home Photography Nikon D850: Best Wildlife Camera EVER?

Nikon D850: Best Wildlife Camera EVER?

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Our D850 review for wildlife photographers! Order the Nikon D850 on Amazon at http://help.tc/d850 For more, SUBSCRIBE and like …


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  1. Hi! I wanted to ask you which camera has the better AF speed and accuracy for Birds in flight ? D500 or D850 ? And there is a huge improvement in the AF speed comparing to Nikon D750/810 ?

  2. Hey does anyone know if tony and Chelsea did a video on extension tubes. I noticed they mentioned it in this video, but since Iā€™m newer to the game here I have no clue what they do or what they are exactly.

  3. Often you are right, but this time, wrong. Sony A9 is unmatched. Wife had D850, sold it for A9. I had Canon 5DS and 7DII. Sold then for an A9 and A7RIII. Never regretted the move.

  4. The DSLR is like the internal combustion engine in the face of the electric car revolution. Stubbornly refusing to go away quietly by maxing out what it got to get the highest performance possible using legacy methodology.

  5. so is shooting in dx mode basically the same as when you "zoom in" with your phone? youre just cropping the picture as soon as you take the shot instead of waiting till you get to lightroom to do it?

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