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Nikon D610 Overview Training Tutorial

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A free one-hour video tutorial on the Nikon D610 (on Amazon at http://help.tc/d610). For more, SUBSCRIBE and buy the book on Amazon at http://help.tc/s …


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  1. SO helpful. . . . until you get to ISO, that "ISO 100 gives you the slowest shutter speeds". took me a few rewinds to figure out you didn't mean "causes" the slowest shutter speeds.

  2. I find myself using your tutorials as my go-to reference. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars taking photography classes and you’re still the best instructor for me. Thank you!

  3. Thanks! Just picked a D610 body on sale at a great price and added a Tamron 17-35 OSD and 50mm D1.8. Your video was a good introduction to how to get around the control systems on this machine. Appreciated!

  4. Perfect. glad I found this as I was getting sleepy trying to read the whole manual. First "new to me" FF camera. cannot believe how cheap you can pick up the d610 right now in the used market.

  5. Hi I have the nikon d610 and I notice when I hold the buttons down I dont see any of the info at the bottom of the viewfinder at bottom that shows afc afs ect. I notice my auto focus is not working on my camera it must be a setting. I also want multiple focus clusters I only have 1 showing. I cant find a video that helps could someone help me?

  6. This is an excellent tutorial ! The Nikon manuals' somewhat convoluted manual can be overwhelming . I have a D 610 with the kit lenses . They are OK not great . Good images can be taken . Good for me I do not need to make money with them .

  7. Mirror lock up is useful when using tripod. You can get the sharpest photos using Mirror Lockup with a remote shutter release, or shutter delay. This is must useful for landscape or architectural photos. It is also very useful for macro photography.

  8. Tony, GREAT easy-to-understand explanations, as usual (I read the camera manual within a few days of getting home with my D610). I bought the D610 because it enables me to use my 6 film era lenses without the cropping factor. I have an old Nikon push-pull 35-70mm lens, and have really enjoyed using for kids running around. I COULD have bought the D750 but… I didn't/don't need the bells and whistles. Also, I never machine gun my shutter button since it's not what I do in my style of shooting; besides, I'm really old-school and believe in "the Decisive Moment." And, yes, I'm seriously contemplating getting the book even after all these years.

  9. I live in France and just bought a Nikon D610. I could not find such a precise tuto in French to present the main functions and buttons… Hopefully, I speak English and could follow this excellent tuto and I now know the main functions of this camera. Hundreds of thanks for being so clear and precise. Michel

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