Home Photography Nikon D600 vs D7000 – Should You Upgrade to FX?

Nikon D600 vs D7000 – Should You Upgrade to FX?

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With the recent release of the “cheaper” full frame D600(http://bit.ly/NikonD600body) from Nikon, one has to wonder whether the …


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  1. I have a D7000 and several decent pieces of glass. Would it be best to upgrade the body to either a full frame or get a 70-200 2.8? I am doing a lot of in door photography as of late and the noise performance has been suffering.

  2. You should definitely upgrade from the D7000 to the D600 because the D600 has better noise performance than the D700 which an older fx and the D7000 is not as good as the D700 in noise performance so it's definitely worth the upgrade to the D600. Plus if you have the D600 you get free sensor cleaning by Nikon because they got sued for oil getting on the sensor.

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