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Nikon D500 vs D750 Hands-on Comparison

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Kai and Paul have a Nikon orgy with the D500 (http://bit.ly/Nikon500) and D750 (http://bit.ly/NikD750) [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/HandsON16 [Subscribe]: …


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  1. The D750 is a serious powerhouse! I love this camera so damn much! I have it paired with the 24-70mm and I seriously don't see myself leaving this combo for anything 🙂 it's so enjoyable!

  2. I have recently purchased the Nikon D5500 and it is great for still images. As one off my first Full Frame cameras I intend to buy the Nikon D750 or its replacement.
    Also intend to buy the Nikon D500.
    Along with a Fujifilm x series camera and a new Olympus.

  3. I need help. i sold my old full frame camera, and im choosing between the d500 and d750. I mostly like the d500 overall, but im just worried that the low light difference is greater with the d750, because i shoot low light too. And im afraid to commit with crop again because i already own a full frame already. Is it ok to go down again with crop if you're also considering these two?

  4. Hi, I'm having a really hard time choosing between whether I should get a full-frame d750, or the crop d500. Is the d500 any good for landscapes? Do crop-sensors have an impact in landscape photography? Aiming for a more well-rounded camera, which ones the better choice? I'm new at this, really hope someone can give some guidance! Thank you

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  6. Well the Nikon D750 was under $1500 just a few days ago, now it's $1800-$1900 at best, depending on where you buy it. But I'm hoping to negotiate with B & H Photo & Video for them to give me the sale price from several days ago. That way, I might be able to get the D750 with a 24-120mm f/4 lens for just around $1999. THAT sounds like a really good deal.

  7. I always thought that Nikon makes 5 types of cameras for different purposes
    #1 D5 and D500 = sports, wildlife photography
    #2 D850 = studio, landscape photography
    #3 D750 = portrait, wedding photography
    #4 D610 = entry level FX
    #5 D3000-D7000 crop sensor series = amateurs and people learning the ways of DSLR

  8. If you are in the market for your first DSLR, I would go with the D500 so you can upgrade to a higher spec full frame (such as the D850) when your abilities would benefit from one in the future. That way you will then have both a full frame and a cropped DSLR in your collection. Given the D500 is also a newer generation model, it will also be more future proof than the D750 in the coming years.

  9. The D500 is excessive. The Angry photographer says it best. If you pick it up almost all other cameras seem like nothing.

    The D750 specializes with certain shooting (despite being a hybrid itself). The D500 sacrifices certain attributes to be a well rounded camera.

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